It's been a little while since the folks over at Humble Bundle have put together a Mobile Bundle, so it's pretty exciting to be able to announce that Humble Mobile Bundle 6 is out right now! "What is the Humble Bundle" you may be asking? Long story short, it is a way to pad out your gaming library (this time, it is exclusively Android) while getting access to DRM-free titles. Oh, and you can also choose to support a charity or two should you desire.

This time around, we have three games in the basic bundle:

You can pay whatever you want for those titles, down to a penny for those of the excessively frugal persuasion, however should you choose to beat the average - currently less than $4 - you can also get your grubby gamer mitts on the following:

You have less than two full weeks to make your decision to purchase this bundle. Generally, the earlier you purchase the cheaper you can beat the average (yay math!), so it pays to get in on these deals as early as possible. For those of you who might have missed out on the Google Play Summer Sale - which included Mines of Mars - here is a great opportunity to pick that up along with some other excellent titles.

Source [Humble Bundle]