It's time to get ready to open those wallets again people, the Humble Mobile Bundle has come rumbling into town in its ninth incarnation. This go-'round it's brought along a freebie just for the grabbing, so let's take a look at what we've got this time. The Humble Bundle has been around for what seems like decades now, so you should all know the gist of how things work: you pick your price, you get access to cool games (or comics, or music, or...whatever is cool at the time), you don't have to worry about pesky DRM, and you get to support charity and independent game developers. What could possibly be bad about that?

The Humble Mobile Bundle, version 9, has a modest assortment of titles up for offer, and once you've decided how much you want to spend - from a penny on up - you will get access to these following titles for your Android gaming pleasure:
Should you decide to be super generous and pay more than the average price (currently set at the extraordinarily opulent price point of $2.86) you'll find the following titles in your library as well:
Did I mention a free game? Just for loading up the Humble Mobile Bundle web page and going through all the effort of putting an email address in a box and hitting submit, the good folks over at Humble Bundle are going to give you Devil's Attorney (currently $1.99).

All things considered, it's a pretty decent bundle. I don't remember the last time that I saw so many titles sitting at a price point of under $3. If you've missed out on any past titles from the Humble Bundle series, here is a great opportunity to play some catch up - I'm looking at you, Leo's Fortune!

I encourage you to head on over to the Humble Mobile Bundle site, get that payment in, and start playing.

Source: Humble Bundle