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Here it is Illest For CM7!

*Statusbar Has Been Themed
*40 Illest Icons Have Been Added, More Coming Soon!
*Other Things Themed: volume bar, highlight colors, download bar, etc..

*Illest WidgetLocker Theme Can Be Found Here: Link

*Download Illest CM7 From The Market: Link

*Make Illest App Icon Requests Here.

*Theme Will Cost a $1

Ok, so i thought i would a random icon set just for fun, so here you go!

*Elmo and the Cookie Monster were made for my lil nephew lol

*12 Icons In Zip


Here it is an update to my, Illest Icon Set, version 1.1!

*Added More Icons
*Mtz has been fixed so that the icons that are not themed, still have the illest look

I am Still taking requests for more icons to be added!

If you wanna make requests make them here!


Here it is my Illest Theme for Miui!


*Illest Icon Set
*Custom Statusbar
*Custom Sense Lockscreen
*Custom Indicators
*Icon Folder
*Themed Notifcation Pulldown
*Volume and Download Bar
*Miui Launcher

I can't post a download link here because of the rules ,but you can get the theme from my blog, Just Reveal!

The Theme Will Cost A $1

Here it is, droppin the first icon set for, Illest!

The first set has about 80 icons!

Also i have made a psd so everyone can make their own icons!

Go Here To Download:Link

If anyone makes their own versions of the icons please post them here!

Also I Want To Thank Wormdoes and Suprano, for helpin me out with ideas and testing my icons out!

Also To The Community Had More Than 250 Download For The Beta, Thank You!

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such a dope theme as always. Looks super clean on my X. You should really think about theming even more like the dialer. I like keeping a stock feel but with little touches here and there. If you need help i am more than willing to help you make some images or whatever.....cant code though :p......but just hit me up here and ill DM you gmail if you need help bro. Thanks

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I'm pretty surprised you can use copyrighted images and characters and still charge money for a theme...
well they are just icons, they are not exactly original, i change them make it into my own varaitions, that is how alot of ppl sell icons, and im not selling my icons they are also free and they are included in my theme too, which paid!
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