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I have been working on a icon pack that i will release on the play store. I am in need of people to test and give me feedback and activity names for their phone. I will try and create icons for most phones depending on the users willing to help me out, hence i will need a one phone make per member, I own an HTC One M8 and a Nexus 5, so those are taken care of but i am in need of others i.e. a Samsung s5, Sony Xperia etc.

Those willing to help out will get the icon pack for free, and a thank you shout out as well. So one member per device, and please be available, if you don't have much free time, it probably won't help me much, but the thought is appreciated. If not already, join our apps page in Google+ if you are wanting to get involved.

Launchers currently supported

  • Action Launcher
  • ADW Launcher
  • Apex Launcher
  • Nova Launcher
  • Smart Launcher
  • Go Launcher

Get Involved

  • Make sure the ROM on your phone is stock. For now, all i need is stock phones. If you have a phone with stock firmware proceed to the next step.
  • In order to contact each other, please join and send a message with your name, gmail, and device make/model here:
  • I will consider your request and if everything goes well, i will send you a dropbox link and add you to the testers circle in the Google+ page.
  • After installing the APK, open it and go to Extras > The Basics > Want to Request an Icon, and click Being Icon Request Activity. (see Requesting an Icon)
  • I will receive an email with all the apps and activity names on your phone, which i will use to create icons.
  • Any time there is a problem or need to contact me, send me a hangouts message.

Request an Icon
Open the app and go to Extras > The Basics > Want to Request an Icon, and click Being Icon Request Activity. It will pop up a window that gathers all application info, and Then another window that asks how to send the zip file with all the application activity names, pick gmail.

This is just in beta, but with the help of you can turn it into the biggest icon pack on the play store.

Devices in development
HTC One M8, Nexus 5

[*]If you don't have a gmail account, or simply want to avoid using google, just send me a message through this forum. I prefer the use of gmail and the apps page.

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