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Here it is my Illest Theme for Miui!


*Illest Icon Set
*Custom Statusbar
*Custom Sense Lockscreen
*Custom Indicators
*Icon Folder
*Themed Notifcation Pulldown
*Volume and Download Bar
*Miui Launcher


Theme Will Cost A $1

Ok this is the final version of the lockscreen for my Illest theme!

I redid the whole thing, i thought to go with sense, since it looks so cool!

Tell me what you guys think!

Here's Another Preview of my Illest Theme im working on! Added a Wifi Icon, and yes it is a UFO! Will Be Releasing Soon!

Here it is, droppin the first icon set for, Illest!

The first set has about 80 icons!

Also i have made a psd so everyone can make their own icons!

Go Here To Download:Link

If anyone makes their own versions of the icons please post them here!

Also I Want To Thank Wormdoes and Suprano, for helpin me out with ideas and testing my icons out!

Also To The Community Had More Than 250 Download For The Beta, Thank You!

Ok here is my new icon set called, Illest! Still a WIP, but i wanted to give everyone a preview of what they will look like!

So feel free to make suggestions to the the icons made and to make more!

Also I am taking requests for the first icon pack!

As of now i have made 37 icons, the first pack will include about 50-60, so send in your requests!!


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This honestly has to be the sickest theme I've ever seen. Question though!!! Would this work on the Samsung Galaxy S2 MIUI??? I understand that the s2 has a really big screen, I was wondering if this would get distorted or pixelated or something.
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