Our second review of today's #IconPackWednesday Spotlight series kickoff comes from Double A Designs, SC 158 Orange. Double A Designs is a collaboration between Andrew Gallagher (SC) and Allen Pender (apen83). They've released too many themes to count, most of which begin with a "SC" (Allen Gallagher) or an "AP" (Allen Pender). The SC series is numbered by generation (each generation will include several themes of different color schemes). Incidentally, the "SC" stands for "seriously crazy", which aptly describes some of those themes (crazy in a good way, of course).

SC 158 Orange Unthemed iconSC 158 Orange Hulu PlusThe themed icons feature a black glyph seemingly etched into base that looks like an framed, oval-shaped orange pearl, if that makes any sense. Unthemed icons are simply centered onto the base. The pack includes over 1800 icons and the dashboard app currently draws from 37 cloud-based wallpapers. Speaking of the dashboard app, it's quite unique and simple in design. The home screen consists of "Apply Theme", "Apply Wallpaper", "Request Icons", "Play Store Apps" and "Our Community" buttons, all of which should be self-explanatory. The 37 wallpapers are divided into various categories including a couple named after previous SC generations.

I should note that some exciting changes lie ahead for the app dashboard. When it's ready, the new dashboard will be applied to all future themes, the SC 158 series and previous themes as time allows. I included a few screenshots of how it looked on Action Launcher on my G2, both with one of the included wallpapers and with one of my own (you can download the full-res wallpaper here).

You can find links to a search Zooper widget, a clock Zooper widget and an extra wallpaper in Andrew Gallagher's Google+ post. If Orange is your crush, this has to be one of the best themes available. Did I mention it's only $1.00?

SC 158 Orange is available for $1.00 in the Play Store.

SC 158 Orange is available for $1.00 in the Play Store.​