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Hey all. Here are some icons I made in my spare time. They are all direct pulls from Galaxy Nexus AOSP 4.0.3 and have been re-sized accordingly for your phone (72x72 HDPI vs. GNex's XHDPI 96x96). They all come in FULL sets (some have more icons than others) but if you have a need for ones that are not present PLEASE get at me. I'm all about community and doing my individual part to make the Android experience is as enjoyable for others as it is for myself.

They are *NOT*, I repeat, *NOT* flashable zips, just regular ones. So if you do decide to flash them, expect problems. But if anyone would like to help me get them packed for specific roms for the Charge be my guest :D it would be greatly appreciated. These are probably best used with Nova Launcher or your favorite alternative launcher that supports individual icons for the time being. I will add more as often as I make them, which tends to happen quite often as I made all of these within a 48 hour window. Enjoy!!!

**I'm always open for requests**
Please private message me with your request and I guarantee a reply within 48 hours. I just need to keep things organized as I have multiple threads for these sets now and am also working on a rom and kernel.

-Thanks to NatemZ for creating the sexy Rootzwiki wallpaper I package with most of these sets. Make sure to thank him!
-And also a huge thanks to fitti28 from here in the Charge forums for requesting I bring them here. Make sure to thank him!
-Thanks to Fawkes for finding a working method to replacing your system apps with mine so they will even show up in you app drawer and so on. Make sure to thank him!
-2-14-2012 4:42 am: Created thread, made initial posts, cleaned up format.


*I am not responsible for anything you do to your phone. You do this at your own discretion*

-Method One (easiest, but does NOT replace system icons or show up in app drawer): Download the zips from the links to your sd card. Use an app like Root Explorer or AndroZip to extract the contents of the zip. In Nova launcher (or whichever one you use), long press the chosen icon and hit "edit" when the little menu pops up. Browse via gallery or root explorer to said extracted icon. Apply. Enjoy.

-Method Two (Advanced, Replaces system app icons):

1. Perform the all important Nandroid backup just in case

2. Download the icon set of your choice to your SD card.
3. Use Root Explorer to copy the .apk file of the app you want to edit to your sdcard
4. Unzip the app
5. Copy the icon of your choice to the res/drawable folder of the extracted app
6. Rename the old ic_application.png (original icon file) file to .old (or whatever)
7. Rename the new icon to the same thing as the old one (ic_application.png)
8. Rezip the entire app up, and then rename it from .zip, to .apk
9. Place the app back into the system/app or data/app folder that you pulled the app from originally
10. Reboot
11. Place the icon back on the homescreen if you want it there,
12. Profit.


Electric Black

Iced Ginger

Vanilla Ice Cream

Black 'n Red

Black 'n White


The Jittery Gentleman
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And just for good measure :D

The Jittery Gentleman
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Great job on bringing these to the charge and so fast after i requested. I am going to use some EB today when have a chance to put them on phone.
Not a problem man! With 2 red bulls you can accomplish anything you want :D Hope y'all enjoy them!!

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