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ICS - Gmail, Mms, Contacts, Email, Calendar, GTalk, Market 3.5.15, YouTube - Inverted and Transparent

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Mod Type:: Theme

Difficulty:: Easy

Mod Status:: Stable

Apply In:: CWM Recovery

Optional:: Smali Edits

Requires Root:: Yes

Optional:: Themed

Android Version:: 4.0.3 (ICS)

Here are 8 of the ICS apps I've inverted and made transparent for TeamHacksungs port. These are all separate installs cause I install my Gmails to data and not everyone wants every app but it's still easy enough if ya want them all...These are all 4.0.3 versions and work on the last few roms I've tried out...Thanks to travP and foxdog for helping me get linux set up so I could start building ROMs from source..

Install guide for Email, Contacts, Calendar, Mms:
These are all system apps and for one reason or another they either need to built from source so in doing that these are just as easy to install as they are to flash. Just simply download the one(s) you want, move them all to system/app (replacing the existing apk) set permissions on each and REBOOT... Shouldn't have any issues installing now.. *Mms is included in the apk install but also as a flash zip..

Install guide for Gmail and YouTube:
If your Gmail is in the system partition use root explorer or titanium backup to uninstall/delete the app and then REBOOT... Then you can install mine like a normal app... Enjoy!

Install guide for Market, Calculator, Mms:

Download the zip(s) you like, move them to a known directory or the root of the sd card, boot into recovery, install zip from sd, choose zip, locate the zip(s) and select one, choose yes, repeat for the rest of the zips... then reboot system after all the zips download...

For anyone wanting to remove the dividers in Mms, here's how I did it: I used the heirarchyViewer.bat from the sdk and found that the surrounding box that encases those dividers is id/message_block so I did a search for that id in layouts and 2 xml's had hits. (message_list_item_send and recv).. I added paddings, layout widths, new dips, added backgrounds, and it just wouldn't change.. Checked out smali but nothing.. I messed with the positioning and ended up with left_middle and right_middle as the source.. Not sure if this is as difficult as I found it to be but in case anyone wants to change that, there ya go..

Install guide for Talk:

For this one you have to flash 2 zips.. the first one is just the res, resources and classes.. The 2nd has the edited Manifest.xml in it.. So download the first zip, flash it in recovery.. verify that Talk.apk is working.. Then download the 2nd link for either Full Holo or Full Transparent and flash it.. That will finish the theme of it...


GMAIL Gmail 4.0.3 -Holo Themed - signed apk Gmail 4.0.3 - Transparent - Right now the inner messages is still just inverted.. I'm working on that still...



1. 4.0.3 Email Blacked Out - Apk only, just move to system/app and set permissions. Then REBOOT... Built from source so it shouldn't have any issues installing like this.


MMS Apk only - Use this and just push to system/app and set permissions and REBOOT. Build from source so it should install no problem like this rather than flashing... Mms 4.0.3 -Blacked Out - doesn't have the split option Mms 4.0.3 - Holo Themed - Has the split message option Mms 4.0.3 Transparent - Has the split message option


CONTACTS Contacts Blacked Out - apk only, just move it to system/app, set permissions and REBOOT. Build from source so it shouldn't have any issues installing like this..


CALENDAR Blacked Out Calendar - apk only, move to system app/set permissions/REBOOT.. Built from source


CALCULATOR Calculator 4.0.3 - Holo Themed Calculator 4.0.3 Transparent



1. Make Sure you flash this one first.. Then flash one of the below links to finish the theme.... Talk 4.0.3 - zip file - This one is fully Holo Themed.. Not Blacked out. Even the chat screen is Holo.. Thanks to TravP for collaborating with me to get this to install Talk 4.0.3 Fully Transparent Stock Talk.apk in case you lose Talk or wanna revert to stock - Flash in recovery



1. Inverted YouTube - Data/app

2. Transparent YouTube - Data/app


For this one, uninstall updates first if you have the 3.4.6 version. Then go to data/app and make sure you don't have in there anymore.. Then flash the market of your choice. If you lose the market for sure (it's named Black Market or Clear Market) use the stock apk I linked. It will install like a normal app, then move it to system and reboot.. then try reflashing my zip..

Version 3.5.15

1. Black Market 3.5.15 - Flash in recovery

Version 3.4.7 3.4.7 Inverted Google Play - Flash in recovery. Shows as Black Market Black n Pink 3.4.7 Market - Flash in recovery. Shows as Black Market Black n Red 3.4.7 Market - Flash in recovery. Shows as Black n Red Market Black n Cyan 3.4.7 Market - Flash in recovery. Shows as Black n Cyan Market Black n Green 3.4.7 Market - Flash in recovery. Shows as Black n Green Market Black n Orange 3.4.7 Market - Flash in recovery. Shows as Black n Orange Market Stock 3.4.7 Market - Use this if you lose your market. 3.4.4 Black Market - Full blown Blacked Out - No known issues.. I've been able to buy apps and update all apps with no issues - Shows as Black Market in the app drawer 3.4.4 Clear Market - Fully Transparent - No known issues.. Shows as Clear Market in the app drawer

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great job man quick report. I wiped cache and dalvik cache than flashed black market. Everything works great except my original gallery app was deleted. Any thoughts?
Fantastic got it back with Rom Toolbox. I am subscribing to this thread, can't wait to see what comes next
blacked out contacts still being worked on?
Jobber, On ICS Roms "Contacts" is called "People".... You want Black people​
B-Boy Everything looks great. One issue with inverted contacts. when I push it to the system folder it unistalls the dialer. The inverted contacts app works fine. Typically I just go into the zip retrieve the original apk, push it to the system, set perm and reboot... but that doesn't work with the phone .apk. Any suggestions. I am on 7.1 stock kernel
Yep, did all that. It just won't keep the phone app. After reboot the new contacts app in the app drawer but the phone is gone. I tried restoring it but nothing seems to work
I didn't have any issues with losing the dialer but try this, get your dialer back first. If you have the rom on the sd just do the extract phone.apk method and push to system.. reboot and then flash this and see if it works.. These are all 4.0.3 so if you're on 4.0.4 it might not work well.. not tested on that at least.. keep me posted tho..
B boy thanks for the zip, still had the same end result. I can confirm that the calendar apk, calculator and mms zips work on 7.1, keep up the good work everything looks great!
Also I can't push the stock phone apk to the system by itself. To "start over" All I do is push the original contacts apk back to the system folder. The inverted contacts apk changes back to normal (boo) and the phone reappears. Hope this helps
Miami flash back to 6.5 I know it def works on that. No need to wipe data just caches try it that way. Unless u have your heart set on staying on 7.1. Then moves the APKS
With 6.5 I experienced some 3G loss issues, but I like the idea taking the stock apks form 6.5, pushing them to 7.1 and attempt to install inverted contacts. Thanks Jobber
Have you tried aokp? ...

Sent from my SCH-I500 using Xparent ICS Tapatalk
I have it on my tab 10.1 and I dig it. But THS
Just works so well with my phone. I will keep messing around with it. Everything looks so so smooth. You are very skilled
1 - 9 of 115 Posts
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