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I just used google voice search and it heard me and searched what I said. Is my touch pad haunted?

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Except that the OP said that he doesn't want to use his TP as a phone, so whether or not the mic or Bluetooh work is irrelevant.

He wants to be able to dial USING THE NUMERIC KEYPAD and the GV Dialer app, (Which is not the same app as GrooveIP) and have Google Voice kick off a call to his home phone, then after he answers, call the person he wants to speak with and conference the calls together. This is how Google Voice works if you are using the web site to place a call and it's super convenient to see a number in an email or on a web page, be able to click it, have your phone ring, and once you answer be connected to the person you're calling.

The GV Dialer app ties in to the normal Android dialer, so you get "tap to call" in things like Google Maps, and don't need to open up the web site and dial that way. That's what he says isn't working.

The GrooveIP app actually lets you use your tablet as a phone. That can work well as a big speakerphone or with BlueTooth. (I haven't tried it on the TP, but use it on my HTC View all the time. If it wasn't for the high latency, I'd make it a primary phone.)

It's really unfortunate that the cell phone companies decided that only a fool would want to use their tablet as a phone. Personally I think they work pretty well, just not held up to the side of your face like the jokers make fun of. Then again, I'm so used to Bluetooth, that even holding a regular office phone to my face feels kinda weird and awkward. And the cord is SOOOO 90's....
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