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Ics Sensation 4G?

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Ive seen people starting to do ports already for ICS for certain phones. I recently found that they are already working on a port (pre-alpha) for the HTC Thunderbolt...Anyone hear of anything dealing with a port for the sensation or anyone interested in starting a project? Im not a programmer, but Ive been doing mods for years so anything I can do to help the project if anyone is interested let me know.
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There's a port in progress over at xda. It boots with graphics and a semi-functional touchscreen, but it's currently plagued by stability issues. I'm sure they'd appreciate any help people could give.
In case anybody is interested, that port is now booting properlyand is somewhat usable. It just needs work on the touchscreen and some graphical problems.

Oh, and radio support, buy that's a minor thing if all you want to do is play about in ICS on real hardware for a bit
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1 - 2 of 9 Posts
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