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Doubt it 800mhz phone get a galaxy nexus

Cm9 will be coming for g2 for sure
Lol. Mine is never below 1.3 GHZ, but whatever floats your boat.

Check out XDA-Developers for the DZ/G2. There's a great community supporting the device over there, I've already tried a couple of ICS builds though I'll wait for stability to match that of the EliteMod before I daily drive it.

My brother's SGS(CSpire Showcase) has a ICS build on it that's remarkably fantastic, give everyone time and we'll have a few (mostly) full featured ICS builds that run as liquid as this phone will permit. *Clarification: from this site. Only referring to XDA for the G2/DZ/Vision
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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