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I write this mostly as a student of computer science struggling to merge the common aries headers from the nexus s and nexus s 4G 2.6.35 kernels to victory(Epic 4G). The discrepancies between the builds, even though they are all listed as Galaxy S devices, makes for quite the headache for someone trying to cook up something a little more "up to date".

With that idea in mind, I have a proposal for Samsung to do something for the open source community that hasn't been seen much, and has only been truly witnessed in the realms of AOSP.

I believe that Samsung could take the forefront and win over extraordinary amount of support from the root community if it took heed from the likes of T-Mobile and created a work in progress Github, or centralized source repository that was open to the public, for its testing builds of Linux kernel versions for its devices that haven't seen final release yet.

The idea wouldn't harm the current user database, as they would remain oblivious to what Linux even is, and wouldn't require much from Samsung's end. Though, the benefits would truly outweigh the "effort" needed for this idea to be put into place. The potential feedback that Samsung could receive from aftermarket firmware distributions like CyanogenMod would benefit more than just the power users in the community. It could potentially benefit the future customers of Samsung devices if ever a "bug fix" was realized by the open source community and committed upstream before public release. There would really only be benefits if a proper code review was put into place.

This idea may just be an optimistic, irrational, and completely out-of-line grasp between red tape, but it was worth a shot, nonetheless.
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