We often call them "iSheep" and elitist "iSnobs" but if you play Ingress you should be calling them "reinforcements". All too often when an app or game catches on in one platform users feel an unreasonable sense of betrayal when it's made available for the "other" people (Instagram, anyone?).

The roles are now reversed, with the cult-classic (who knew until a couple of years ago that Google did cult classics?) Ingress. Long a staple of Android enthusiasts, Ingress is now available on iOS as well. Unlike Instagram, which iPhone users protested when it was made available to us "cheap, lower-class Android users", Ingress is a war.

Why does that matter? I'm glad you asked. In any war, each side is usually in dire need of supplies and reinforcements. Ingress is, of course, merely a game (though war is not something I personally participate in, even in gaming), but if you're playing it you can always use some new friends on your side, can't you? Does it really matter which phone they use?. My point is this: it's all fantasy. But then, so are the iOS-Android platform wars. If we really think one platform is inherently superior to the other, we're in a "magical" fantasy world (you see what I did there?).

The thing is, though, I haven't seen the insanely bitter vitriol between members of rival Ingress factions that I've seen in the iOS-Android platform wars. From a mere outsider's point of view, Ingress seems to be a more civilized fantasy war than the one between users of the two most popular mobile platforms. If you're serious about the Ingress fantasy, it's time to put the platform superiority fantasy to rest and resist the so-called "Enlightened" propaganda (actually, I don't take sides - I just troll from the sidelines ;)).