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In regards to touchpad development

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Are there any projects the users here would like to see take place?

Requests so far:
MIUI tablet version
Backtrack5 arm
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I'm well aware of current projects, didn't know if they were having others test for them or if they were doing it themselves.
I'm also curious as to if anyone would like to see anything else done to the hp touchpad...
Perhaps a tablet version of MIUI for the lulz
Would anyone have interest in anything Microsoft?
Like a version of windows or windows mobile?

Perhaps a linux distro?
Just trying to throw ideas out there to see what people are interested in seeing on a tablet.
abc27 said:
You may as well hold out for an iOS port. It's not gonna happen.
Not necessarily, there is some interesting talk about a hackintosh type iOS being open tab friendly...can't get to excited yet though.
It's only a theory at this point.
Firefox will most likely be usable with a successful android port
1 - 5 of 18 Posts
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