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In regards to touchpad development

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Are there any projects the users here would like to see take place?

Requests so far:
MIUI tablet version
Backtrack5 arm
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scifan said:
A more complete (better) browser would be fantastic... (we're talking about webos apps now right?)
I second the browser request, also with full flash support since flash lags on some players and many sites plus most browser games (too much buffering which causes some data connection issues sometimes)
+ youtube plays at 720p with overclocking and patching but even with that 1080p lags and is unplayable. Plus playback stops on many flash videos too. Disabling Autoload flash does not work, etc..

If someone can port firefox it would be awesome

Another request:
Being able to play this game on the device
"Snapdragon's Adreno GPU - Desert Winds Game Demo"
It was developed for this chip, just needs the os support
1 - 1 of 18 Posts
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