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Edit: No longer taking requests, but here are some very detailed instructions I wrote on how to do it on your own!

Want a custom splash screen? (Change the green on white HTC logo when your phone boots up)
Leave a reply below!

How to install for the Incredible 2: (S-OFF Required)
  1. Make sure the file is named
  2. Reboot into bootloader (not recovery)
  3. Click on bootloader, then click volume down, then up. It should install.
How to install for the Incredible S: (S-OFF Required)
You can also use this method if the one above does not work for the Incredible 2. Do note that you need fastboot working on your computer.
  1. Download for the Incredible S
  2. Reboot into bootloader
  3. Fire up the terminal/command prompt and cd to the directory with the splash screen. Then type this command:
<br />
fastboot flash splash1 splash1.img<br />
Download Links for completed splash screens:Splash screens in line to be completed: 0

Want to know how to make your own? Look at this post.

Remember to say thanks! (I think it's called "like" now... but whatever)

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how about these?


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