You may already know Simon Tucker as the face behind Infinite Designs, the creator of popular design apps Cyrcle Widgets, VertiGlo, and Hex Icons (not to miss out on others). Well he is back with a new wallpaper management app entitled Infinite Walls. Apps like Behang, wlpapR, and soon Infinite Walls prove that wallpaper apps are going to be here for a while.

Moving beyond icons and widgets, Tucker is now trying his hand at designing wallpapers. Thanks to the success of Behang and some motivation from his friend, Tucker is greeting our devices will Infinite Walls. The wallpaper app that will bring more and more unique wallpapers to your device as time goes on.

Infinite Walls is filled to the brim with nearly 250 cloud-based wallpapers, and that number is said to grow by around 10 every week, or as time allows. The walls included also range in themes and styles, from real, detailed photos to patterns to stylized title graphics to humorous graphics. There are currently 12 categories that separate and organize the wallpapers, that include but aren't limited to: Colors, Gradients, Photos, Text, and more.

The app interface leaves much to be desired, yet that has all been confirmed to change as soon as possible. Once opening the app you are presented with a three-column, vertical scrolling interface that allows you to see all of the walls at once. After you select a wall to view you can either save it to your device or apply it right from there. The only option in the app is to hide the icon from your launcher since it's not really needed.

Tucker told me he will be updating the app's UI to further comply with Google's design standards, such as having a slide-out navigation drawer for the categories instead of a drop-down menu. He also said he is planning on creating a center for users to request custom-made walls for the app to contain. Lastly, he will be adding native support for Muzei instead of the current situation in which you will have to download the additional extension.

Infinite Walls is available on the Play Store for only $0.99, which is a steal for a continually-updated wallpaper app. I encourage you to grab it and show us your homescreen designs on our social networks, and be sure to tag RootzWiki and Simon Tucker in your post.

"If you having creativity problems I feel bad for you son, I've got infinite walls and a widget ain't one"

Infinite Walls is available for $0.99 in the Play Store.

Infinite Walls is available for $0.99 in the Play Store.​