Screenshot_2014-04-29-14-55-35 (Custom)I recently happened upon one of the more interesting and intriguing role-playing games that I have played in quite some time. A title that was made for those of us who fondly recall the many, many (many…) nights spent grinding out level after level (after level) in the latest role playing game to come across their system. If the phrase "just one more level" was your mantra, then you might just want to check out Tatsuki's Inflation RPG.

Remember all those hours that you spent grinding out all those tens of hundreds of "just one more levels"? If you were anything like me, it would be kind of a scary thought, so perhaps it is best not to dwell on all that time that has been lost to the nether. Luckily for us, Inflation RPG takes the concept of grinding through levels in a role playing game and completely turns the concept on its head.

Screenshot_2014-04-29-15-40-19 (Custom)Wouldn't you much prefer to play an RPG game wherein, battle after battle, you have to opportunity to gain fifty, sixty….a hundred more levels? A game that takes leveling to the absurdity? That is what you get when you play Inflation RPG. The game starts out innocently enough, you get your choice from 16 different avatars (the initial choice really doesn't matter when you're just beginning) and are thrown into the playing field. As you roam about aimlessly at first (by tapping where you want to go), you notice that some sections of the map are delineated by borders - some red, some gray and other various shades. Within these areas you will find certain levels of monsters, so when you are just getting started you will most likely want to stay within your beginning parcel of land as it's Level 1.

Along the bottom of your screen you will notice basic statistics, including a meter that will fill to let you know that an enemy encounter is imminent. In this area you will also find out if any bonuses are affecting the particular parcel of land you happen to be occupying. For example you may have a bonus to your attack, or money or experience acquired. If you happen to wander into an area that is way above your level, the game will warn you with a nice red border on the screen and flash a quick warning letting you know what the area level is. Quick tip - when you initially begin playing the game, you will most assuredly want to move downwards as opposed to any other area.

Screenshot_2014-04-29-16-19-40 (Custom)As you progress through the lands, you will gain hundreds (nay, thousands) of levels. To go along with these many, many levels of course come lots and lots of skill points that need to be disbursed. Tap the on-screen menu button (upper right) and then select the skill distribution option. Here you can allocate points to hit points, attack, defense, agility and luck. You can either assign them point-by-point (tedious and very drawn out with hundreds of skill points) or you can use either the 'half' or 'all' buttons along the right side of the screen (less tedious and drawn out).

Eventually, you will gain enough strength to be able to take on some boss monsters. The first of the monsters is easy enough to find - he is back on the initial screen and just to the North. With each boss defeated you gain additional character levels, as well as more Battle Points. "What are these Battle Points" I hear you asking? Well, therein lies the key to the whole game - you only have so many battles that you can engage in, 30 to start with, in order to get as far as you possibly can. There are items you can equip that will give you more Battle Points as well as the previously mentioned boss battles which will reward you with more. You will lose one battle for each enemy encounter (obviously), however with each defeat you will lose an additional three more. Needless to say, it behooves you to ensure that you do not lose any battles.

Screenshot_2014-04-29-15-32-54 (Custom)Once you have been able to defeat the first boss, you might notice a slight change takes over the character selection grid. Of the 16 selectable characters, each position on the grid has an easier time earning certain types of stats: those towards the North earn Attack points more quickly, East is Luck, South is Defense, West is Agility, and those towards the Center are Health Points. In addition to this change, each character can be built up to higher base levels. At the end of each game, the character you played gets to earn some experience points - once they build up enough experience their base levels go up and they earn better stats.

Screenshot_2014-04-29-16-23-02 (Custom)As far as the gameplay itself is concerned, Inflation RPG is a boss monster of a fun title. As you play through it and come up with your own strategy for getting higher and higher levels you find that time passes pretty quickly. It might start off a little frustrating, but you get over it pretty quickly. There are lots and lots of items to purchase, and fortunately these do pass down from one character to another (unlike any leftover cash), so once you've been able to upgrade a few things you can start off significantly more easily than originally. The graphics are of the 8 or 16-bit style, with fairly decent artwork for the enemy encounters. Even the audio and game music is very reminiscent of classic role-playing games. If you are looking for something to do while commuting, or just want to pass a little bit of time, definitely check into Inflation RPG - you won't be disappointed.

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