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Well, now that Clockwork has been ported, I think it's a good time to discuss future developments for the Revolution 4G.

There are a few things I can start to work on right away like:
  • deodex'd stock rom; and
  • removing Bing

Those I plan to start on as soon as I'm sure that CWR is stable and the source is released to the public.

And, provided I am able to purchase a Revo4G with the donation funds, I will begin on bringing a AOSP 2.2.X ROM to the Revo4G.

After the kernel source is released by LG, I also plan on trying my hand at porting CyanogenMod 7. I cannot guarantee that I will be successful, but I can at least lay the groundwork for others to build off of.

Anyway, I hope this post helps bring life into the Revolution community--I'm excited, are you?
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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