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Start Updated on 7-20-2012
****** Due to heavy download from wordwide users, Dropbox has temporay disabled my Public share because the traffic. ******
I had to created a new PRIVATE share to keep ALL files alive

In-order to download the files you need to have account with DropBox and click here to download

End Updated on 7-20-2012

After spend days reading hundred threads on multiple sites, I have come up with a quick instruction in 1 page on how to unbrick D2G and unlock the band to use on CDMA, GSM network such as Verizon, AT&T and T-Mobile. (Sim must be unlocked by calling Verizon or using third parties unlocked from internet search)

All credit will go to the original posters; I'm just combined all together to create an instruction easy for new users plus all the files download are in one place too.

Copy files from step 5, 6, 7, 9 and 18 to SD card before perform "How to" steps below:

How to un-bricked and band-unlock Droid 2 Global:
1. Flash 608 SBF using RSDLite (VRZ_A956_4.5.608_1FF_01.sbf) (press up arrow on keyboard while power up to enter flash mode)
2. Flash Repack_629 SBF using RSDLite (BL=2 BOOT REC CDTf__Repack_629.sbf)
3. Reboot, wipe data and cache (press x on keyboard while power up then press volume Up+Down at the same time )
4. Enable Unknown Source and Development features in Setting (To Bypass activation, press TopLeft, TopRight, BottomRight, BottomLeft (above Emergency))
5. Root D2G withSuperOneClick v2.3.3
6. InstallOtaRootKeeper, Run Protect-root then temp-unroot
7. Reboot to recovery then install 629 OTA then reboot(
8. Open OtaRootKeeper and restore Root
9. InstallDroid 2 Recovery Bootstap.apkthen Reboot to Recovery
10. At Clockwork Recovery, run Backup the nan-droid
11. Flash 330 SBF suing RSDLite (VRZ_A956_2.4.33_1FF_01.sbf) --> After flash completed, phone will BRICKED, don't worry
12. Flash 608 using EzSBF on USB stick (1KDStaz_D2G_4.5.608.iso) --> After flash completed, phone will BRICKED, don't worry
13. Flash Repack_629 SBF using RSDLite (2_BL=2 BOOT REC CDTf__Repack_629.sbf)
14. Reboot, wipe data and cache
15. Enable Unknown source and Development features in Setting
16. Root D2G with SuperOneClick v2.3.3
17. Install Droid 2 Recovery Bootstap.apk then Reboot to Recovery
18. At Clockwork Recovery, Wipe Cache and install band unlock (
19. At Clockwork Recovery, run RESTORE the nan-droid (the one that backup on step 10)
20. Reboot phone then it should be able to us AT&T, T-Mobile and Verizon and enjoy

If you have any questions or problems, please post it here so we can help.

Please post your feedback here after your phone is unlocked.

Also, please select your RATE
at the Top LEFT of this post


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Please note that your D2G must also be SIM-unlocked, which is a different thing entirely than band-unlocked, in order to use GSM networks (including those of AT&T Mobility and T-mobile USA).

I mention this because I've seen a lot of posts here and elsewhere this week from people who thought "band-unlocked" meant "unlocked," full stop.

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If I were you I'd specify “for USA GSM bands” instead of “to use GSM network”. With such a misleading title you'll get spammed by replies from extremely smart and capable users asking why doesn't it unlock their SIM locked device. Note: they never read the small print.

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I addressed this in another thread but didn't get any input on the matter.
There seems to be 2 floating around.
The file "updater-script" inside the zipfile is different size.

The thread:
where My Wife Has Milk posted the link on 19 April 2012 - 09:57 PM
In that zip the file in question is 705 bytes dated 8/23/11

The link Key5000 just posted, the file in question is 532 bytes dated 8/24/11

You can open the file in notedpad and see the difference.

Any thoughts on this?

Also, after the band unlock, the dialer is buggy. Confirmed in other posts

Could one of the above files be correct and the other not?
The band unlock works, but it's the buggy dialer that just kills the phone.

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key5000 - thanks for your reply
It's not rocket science. d/l and double click the one you have a link to. In the Winzip screen you will see the file size of the file "updater-script" as being 532 bytes.
Do the same for the one My Wife Has Milk has a link to (add an extra letter to the zip file name when saving). In the Winzip screen you will see the file size of the file "updater-script" as being 705 bytes.
Right click the files in explorer (one at a time)then left click Properties from the drop down box and you will see a different file size.
your file - 162 KB (166,696 bytes)
the other - 162 KB (166,756 bytes)
extract the file "updater-script" by dragging and dropping in a folder.
Do the same for the other zip file but drop in different folder
Open in notepad and you will see at the bottom there is different coding.

It's obvious you don't have any knowledge concerning the make-up of these files from a programmer's experience.

Maybe you can help with the dialer. The buggy dialer, as explained in my other post you replied to, happens when you place a call.
Place a call from the dialer or from contacts. As the call is going out and the phone on the other end is ringing, the dialer goes away. If you pull it down from the notification bar, there is "Not" the "red phone" that you tap tio end the call. You have to tap the home button then open dialer to be able to end the call.

Are you saying that you are not experiencing this behavior?

What I'm wondering is if this has something to do with one of the files.
If not, then it may have something to do with how my sim card (Spot Mobile) places a call.

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Like I said, I don't have any issue with dialer.

Since you said that your TBH and my TBH is differnt and your phone has dialer problem, I think you might try to use my TBH download and hopefully it will fix your problems. Nothing hurt your phone, just download and update TBH with CWM.

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Step 12 not work
pls helpme. i use my HDD to burn ISO, and "it's just waitting for my phone"
I don't know about burning to HDD but you need to burn the ISO file to USB drive with instruction link on post #12

You may also try to repeat all the step start from step #1, it's nothing hurt if you try to run over and over again of all the steps. Make sure you follow step-by-step exactly.

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I put together a CD that contains almost all of the tools for this.
It has everything for the first 10 steps in 1 CD, as well as steps 12-17.
The only things it doesn't do, are flash 330 which has to be flashed from rsdlite, or contain the band unlock files.
The page with that info is
and if you want to use that CD, or host it, you are welcome to. I also have a clean nandroid backup available, which would allow you to start with step 11

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If you flash with RSD Lite, it will overwrite everything. If you flash with Linux sbf_flash or ezsbf, and don't allow an ota update, then it will not affect the radio.
If you are flashing a custom rom, it likely doesn't have the radio, so wouldn't affect it. I haven't done anything with custom roms though, so can't say for sure.
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