We often are always talking about apps, games, ROMs and much much more in all that is technology and it's fast-paced environment, but sometimes it's good to kick back with some Red Label and read a good e-book. What better book to read than one that could tell you about the inner workings of one of our favorite companies, by its own employees?

"How Google Works" is just that book. Jointly authored by Eric Schmidt (Executive chairman of Google) and Jonathan Rosenberg (Former Senior Vice President of Products), the book lets readers learn about how differently-managed the company really is. The book contains anecdotes of different life and professional events from when the two started working at Google and shares some insight into Google's policies.

They also write about shifts in power that the rise of technology has presented to companies and consumers. This seems to be a great read for those of us interested in Google and also those interested in business as a whole in this new age of technology.

Unfortunately for us that want to start reading this today, the book is only available for pre-order at this time, with a scheduled release date of September 23rd. At the time of writing the book is on sale for $10.49 down from its normal price of $14.99. You can grab it on Google Play from the link below. Is anyone getting this book -- besides me of course?

You can pre-order the book in the Play Store.