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Is AOKP dead ?

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No updates for Nexus 5 since october ; any chances to get a AOKP for Android L ?

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AOKP is not dead. Although things have considerably slowed as some of us 'veteran' members have gotten busy in other aspects of life. However, there is still a talented pool of people working on the project.

Much of the background work for L is underway (Tom appears to have Mako booting as of today). Much of this work happens in the background, or possibly pushed directly to github. ( No need to run this type of stuff through Gerrit.

As with nearly all new releases, we have to re-do a lot of code, port forward etc. However, each time we do this, we re-write and modularize more and more of our code to try and help make the next port a little easier :)

TL;DR. Not dead, just a little sleepy.
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Thanks for the update Zaphod. Looking forward to some AOKP on my Nexus 6... that I JUST ordered from Moto (said like an excited little girl)!! Now I have to explain to my wife that the $768.24 I just spent was a necessity...
If you have to explain ....

She isn't the one.
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