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Is AOKP dead ?

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No updates for Nexus 5 since october ; any chances to get a AOKP for Android L ?

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I had my fingers crossed that there would have been atleast a stable build of a sort of vanilla build, then more lolly pop releases after, but a few months have gone by and no talk and/or even a post on whats happening with the new droid version. Hopefully someone can post up proving me wrong but I don't see much happening with AOKP in the future. I would assume that if things were brewing on their end, there would be a forum post with some news and/or reviews on whats to come in the future.

Also, for the people reading this, what is another good rom you recommend? Since there were so darn many people using AOKP, many people will now be starting to look.
1 - 1 of 15 Posts