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hello all...I seem to have a variety of issues, so to those reading, I apologize in advance

currently I am running the EP1W debloated w/ TW4 and imo's newest 2.0.7 kernel and it is superfast...however, with everything mobile, I want this thing I'm attempting the V6 Supercharger and loopy smoothness scripts, however, I'm having issues with busybox

the v6 guide suggests installing busybox 1.18.2 or lower, however upon trying to even install busybox, it is telling me that it isn't getting SU... I also read somewhere about changing the busybox file name under the /system folder...which requires the /system folder to be mounted in read/write....

finally assuming that I've found the answers to my problems, upon trying to grant SU before mounting the /system folder (in terminal), it responds not recognizing "su"....(the terminal doesn't come up under the superuser app, if that's what it requires)...

so now I'm kinda stuck...any ideas why I'm having so many issues with superuser? I assume it's just a temperamental app..
1 - 2 of 3 Posts
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