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Genuine Human Bean
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Fruits & Veggies (#FNV)

A JellyBean Community ROM for the Galaxy Nexus (maguro)

Website | Gerrit | Github | @ProjectFNV | Facebook | Google+ | Artwork
to quote FNV collaborator remicks:
I came up with this idea a while back and JellyBean is a perfect platform to implement it on, with the drop of a whole new operating system and the lovely new features that come with it I figured it was time to give this a try. This will be a community based ROM, there will be no "team" and there is no official "leader", I will be the voice/face of the project but the ROM will belong to the community. I will be setting up a gerrit and picking a few choice admins to monitor what code gets merged but we will accept contributions from anyone, no matter how large or small, and every contributor will be credited for their work. If you are interested in this project please post here and let me know your thoughts/ideas on it.

The dream is becoming a reality, we have test builds with minor changes (taking it slow) up for download now thanks to the efforts of this great community. Since I know people are patiently waiting to flash this I decided to post up our test builds here so you guys can join in the testing and crackflashing fun!

Please post any bugs you may find in this thread.

  • Long press volume to skip music tracks when screen is off (papa pearce)
  • new bootanimation (RexRemus)
  • added Safe Mode to reboot menu (sonicxml)
  • removed old busybox and updated to current CM source for busybox (remicks)
  • cleaned up redundant code (remicks)
  • support for GSM AT commands for SMS over bluetooth (garyd9)
  • removed statusbar icon tinting (akellar/remicks)
  • added other language packs back in (remicks)
  • updated SuperSU and su binary (remicks)
  • new WallPaper app that pulls from the internet (cr5315)
  • James Bond 007 themed elements [default WallPaper, sounds] (Despyse/papa pearce)
  • honestly probably a few things I have forgotten by now... oh yeah, and bacon. Lots of bacon.
ROM Downloads


Build 007 - July 22, 2012
--> Project FNV Test Build 007 (Bond Edition) - Veggies, Fruits and Veggies. [maguro]
--> md5 --> aee33c1e2ceb1c5f67ab6e0cff116fd8

Build 006 - July 19, 2012
--> md5 --> [background=rgb(238, 238, 238)]a15c043e0fcae6667c2d3996961d42fb[/background]


--> GAPPS-JB-0722 / Mirror (credit TeamEOS)

--> GAPPS-JB-0717 (From Goo.IM)
--> md5 --> [background=rgb(249, 249, 249)]10988c023495b7871514f2d69cbc2503[/background]

--> GAPPS-JB-0715 (credit to kejar31 + xoomdev)
--> md5 --> [background=rgb(238, 238, 238)]f9e6cbe5213b1256daa8942f46561f79[/background]


[background=rgb(249, 249, 249)]more to come, consider this an 'alpha' thread for now...[/background]

The Lost Junglist
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Sorry for the delay guys, had to get toro working first and don't own a maguro. Builds will be released for both devices simultaneously from now on :)

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Downloading now , ready to serve fruit and veggies to my maguro
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