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  • LteToggle: Add CDMA check and enable correct network mode
  • FW: Swipe to switch
  • Allow QS tiles/toggles to be blacked out with Dark AOKP
  • Add active display to AOKP [1/2]
  • ActiveDisplay: Force FULLSCREEN flag
  • SystemUI: Allow QS tiles to be blacked out with Dark AOKP
  • Fix dock intent lookup.


  • DarkUI switch in RC
  • Add Active Display to AOKP [2/2]
  • RC: Swipe to switch


  • Bluetooth: Security: Add Null check during pairing cancel intent.
  • Bluetooth: Remove out of range devices after ScanComplete
  • Remove Dark UI from settings
  • sound: Enable audio thru dock devices by default


  • t0lte: Customizable softkey overlay
  • Update CDMA apns


  • HelveticaS (Touchwiz) font replaces nasty AOSP Roboto
  • Stuff I'm forgetting about. Nothing stupid like messing with voltages or 1337 kernel n00b bullet-point fodder.
  • List may be outdated


Not sure how much interest there is for this but this is a kang of AOKP. Nothing special just a few commits that aren't merged or will never be and some personal preferences about ROMs that I have. Updates will probably be dependent on Note 2 specific development & updated features but feel free to point out things or ask for something. I may take a look at it if it's not too much work (read over my head).


KANG FOLDER Last update October 09 ~5:00am EST



  • All current AOKP bugs
  • Probably more

just some dude
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I just successfully downloaded it using chrome browser on my phone. it had a funny filename after it was done but it worked.

just some dude
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so, I'm still running the 9/28 nightly which works well (except for the annoyance of a laggy power button). I'm in the mood to flash and i see there is a new nightly out now but there aren't a lot of changes and I'm interested in trying active display. so, I'm curious if anyone has experimented with "pocket mode" in this 10/01 build? if its reliable I think I'll give it a try but, in my experience with a few different devices, reliable pocket mode is difficult to achieve, so just curious to hear some feedback, thanks
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