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I know, tons of stuff released, some may be similar, but I've had people waiting for me to release these for some reason, so I am. Not sure what I do differently that makes people choose what I release over someone else, but here they are.

What I've done is started with the source jt1134 has provided as a base, and went from there. I haven't had time to change much else yet, but in due time, I'm hoping to have a lot of changes and updates. If you feel like supporting the development, consider signing up for Dropbox and help give me more space to store kernels.

New Kernel/Ramdisk based on ED05 sources
Updated root script to root phone on boot
Updated recovery to latest CWM
Fixed busybox issue (I think)
Voodoo Sound V10
Only one undervolt level - same as previous "100" kernel

navenedrob's ext4 formatting options put into Voodoo conversion script - disable lagfix, then re-enable to take advantage of it
V(R) IO Scheduler
Fixed backup/restore/wipe errors for android_secure (I think) - thanks squash

Fix mount USB Storage in recovery (Thanks times_infinity)

Fix 0523
Root ROM on boot (if not already rooted)
Move files to initramfs so changes can travel between ROM Flashes
No more AOSP kernels, waiting for CM7

Voodoo Sound V9
Use Linaro Toolchain to compile
Switch to bmlwrite to flash

Fixed auto-brightness

Voodoo Sound V8 (thanks supercurio)
Updates to initramfs to try and prevent bootloop when wiping data/cache
Update to CWM 3.x and make CWM 3.x compatible zips

Simple IO Scheduler
Moved SD Card speed tweak to init.d script so users can change the value
-> Default value is 4096
Updated source to ED01 from Samsung
Built with 2010q1 toolchain, updated from 2009q3

Updated initramfs from jt1134
Kernel config changes from jt1134
Voodoo sound patches from jt1134/supercurio
"Fixed" Smartass, still doesn't work properly though, set conservative back to the default
Increased voltage on 100 kernel at 1000MHz
CFS Tweaks to try and help performance some
TCP settings to help make 3G more consistent
Built AOSP kernels

[strike]Smartass CPU Governor added and set as default[/strike] <- not working yet :(
VFAT patch
Voodoo Sound mic/recording fixed and added back - thanks jt1134/supercurio

Upstream EXT4 patches
Changed UV levels for greater compatibility
init.d support
SirGatez patch to force audio to headphones when they are plugged in (off by default)
-> run "headphones" from a shell prompt to enable
-> run "default" to restore normal functionality

jt1134's source is the base, includes BLN, Voodoo Color, Voodoo Sound V7, Voodoo lagfix (if applicable), and anything else jt had in is source when i synced it.
Stock voltage, and undervolted kernels available
Updated CPU Scaling - keeps the processor running as slow as possible without overworking it
Updated compile flags - from Eclair, may not do anything noticeable
SirGatez's battery hack to allow for non-oem batteries

If you are experiencing problems, I need detailed info to be able to fix it or help you out. Failure to provide detailed info will mean I'm just going to ignore your problem as user error. Details would be something such as which kernel you are flashing (filename) and steps to reproduce the issue. Also, if you used any other kernels that had the same problem or didn't have the problem.

voodoo/novoodoo - voodoo has the lagfix, novoodoo doesn't (I hope this was obvious)
Undervolt level - 100mv off 400-1000mhz/125mv off 100-200mhz

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