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·:*¨¨*:·..·:*¨☆Jame Bond☆·:*¨¨*:·..·:*¨

straight from The Land of Smiles

㋛ this is a simple "no-frills" 1.2ghz kernel

latest version features ⇒☄Galaga☄ v①.⑨.②.②
✭clockwork(ra) (Galaga)
✭bootanimation support
✭vitalij's touchscreen fix

There was apparently a lack of carebear. [koush]
*new -bln
♢get BLN pro app here♢
*note about bln from creams
"1. Upon receiving notification when deep sleep state of the terminal, wake_lock once
2. Thereafter, regardless of whether the lights blink or continuous LED, hold the wake_lock.
3. End event lighting from BLN Control App (access to sysfs) and release the regulator in wake_unlock.
4. migrate to deep sleep.
5. These repetitions."
-in other words, if you use the pro app to eventually turn off led's and thus disabling the wakelock then the phone will deep sleep again and battery life will be normal

special thanks to akent, neldar and creams for the work with bln

-use of setcpu is not recommended!,
the kernel takes care of itself:cool:

» initramfs source
» kernel source
» additional source


☣su 3.0 beta4☣

☄Galaga☄ v1.9.2.2[2.3.4][cwm4.0.1.4]
♡Care Bear♡ v1.9.1[2.3.4][cwm4.0.1.4]
♡Care Bear♡ v1.9[2.3.4][cwm4.0.1.4]
♡Care Bear♡ v1.8[2.3.4][cwm4.0.1.4]
♡Care Bear♡ v1.7.3[2.3.4][cwm4.0.0.8]
☆Jame Bond☆ v1.7.1[2.3.4][cwm4.0.0.8]
☆Jame Bond☆ v1.7[2.3.4][cwm4.0.0.2]
☆Jame Bond☆ v1.6 [2.3.4][cwm4.0.0.8]
☆Jame Bond☆ v1.5.2 [2.3.4][cwm4.0.0.5]
☆Jame Bond☆ v1.5.1 [2.3.4][cwm4.0.0.2]
☆Jame Bond☆ v1.3
☆Jame Bond☆ v1.2
☆Jame Bond☆ #1

- kernels now have (v1.7+) clockworkmod modifications thanks to J_rodd. it gets rid of all the extra no's which are very annoying, also some other mods "more Amon_RA like";)
-If you like it, head over to J_rodds thread to thank him
-J_rodds mods haven't been implemented on v1.8 (back in for v1.9)
-We all know that clockworkmod is the hard work of Koush and I take no credit for it. If you have any problems with this, please do not bother koush. please post here or pm me
*please read
a quick note about the buttons for recovery. "most" recoveries will use the volume rocker to move up and down and the home button to select. this recovery not only uses the volume rocker to move up and down but also the soft menu and home button respectively. the power button will select and the back soft key will go back.
by using using the soft menu, you can rapidly scroll down through all your files to the desired also can be done with the volume rocker, but it takes a little longer...
*recovery keys
scroll up ↑ = volume+ or home
scroll down ↓ = volume- or menu
select ✓ = power
back ☇ = back (or highlight "++++go back++++")

v1.9.2.2 Galaga

v1.9.1 (party dude care bear)

v1.8 (care bear)

v1.7.3 (care bear)

v1.7.1 (terminal green)

v-1.7 (android green)

v-1.6 (blue)
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