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So here it is. I have had the note II since a couple weeks after its release for T-Mobile USA and have loved it since, like most of you I am sure. With that being said, what is the fun of having an android phone without changing some things to make it better?! This is a kernel based off of the Jellybean kernel source straight from Samsung themselves. I finally hit a point I felt worthy of release in this kernel so am doing just that. With that being said it is a long way from where I am sure it will be in the end. I benchmarked it against the stock kernel and MB4 with much higher scores so am pleased with that along with the battery life I am experiencing with it. Hope you all enjoy it and don't be shy to post anything you would like to see added or changed in future releases of this kernel. Thank you all.

I highly recommend doing a full CWM backup of everything as if you were flashing a ROM as this will back up everything including the previous kernel being used prior to flashing this.

The Note II packs its modules with the kernel now including the very important wifi module needed to use wifi so as of now it's looking like I will have to upload multiple zips for each ROM. Just post which ROMs you are using so I can get an idea what boot.img's you guys need exactly so I can post the corresponding flashable zip. If anyone knows of a better method of doing this feel free to let me know.

- Root
- CWM Recovery

There are a few steps to flashing this like any other Android Software:

1. Download the zip that matches the version/ROM you are using

2. Place zip on the root of either your internal or external

3. Enter Recovery and perform a CWM backup (optional but highly recommended)

4. Select "flash zip" in recovery and select the zip you downloaded and placed on your sdcard

5. Reboot

Downloads Section

Kernel #4:


Kernel #4

- will add #4 changelog

Kernel #3

- CRT TV OFF support
- Charge Control System implemented *thanks to Andrei for his code*
- Charge Control enabled (Fast USB Charge)
- Crude fast USB charge disabled
- Sysfs helper file added for c control
- Faster device boot time
- Sensorhub write for every boot disabled *thanks to Andrei*
- Dynamic FSync Control System implemented and enabled *thanks to Andrei for this code*
- Increased VOODOO Headset frequency
- BFQ Scheduler set to default scheduler
- Updated ck BFS kernel optimizations for speed
- BFS modifications to kernel elements still in effect
- BFS CPU Scheduler disabled for now
- CFS CPU Scheduler enabled now

Kernel #2

- Added BFS CPU scheduler! *Written by Con Kolivas thank you buddy*
- BFS 406 currently in use
- BFS patch backported manually applied successfully (no code left out)
- Read about BFS in the post below
- VOODOO enhanced sound engine added *committed by ptmr*
- VOODOO enhanced sound engine enabled
- 16GB eMMC SDS (sudden death syndrome) patch applied *thanks to samsung*
- 16GB brick fix applied
- Exynos Memory security hole fixed *thanks to andreilux for the patch*
- Faster USB charge enabled
- Added NEW BFQ v6r1 I/O Scheduler *haven't seen anyone else using r1 supposed to benchmark higher than v6*
- Added Early Queue Merge code to BFQ I/O Scheduler
- I/O context updated for BFQ
- Added ROW I/O Scheduler
- Added SIO I/O Scheduler
- Added VR I/O Scheduler
- Added ZEN I/O Scheduler
- Deadline Scheduler optimized for flash devices (our devices)
- More Deadline Scheduler optimizations
- Added Triangle Away support *thanks chainfire*
- NTFS filesystem support
- NTFS read+WRITE enabled
- CPU hyperthreading enabled

Kernel #1

- EXT partitions using relatime
- EXT support compiled into kernel, not as a module
- EXT 1/2/3 support
- EXT 4 support with backwards compatibility
- EXT 4 used for EXT 2/3 filesystems
- Added Interactive governor
- Added Conservative governor
- Overclockable up to 1.9Ghz *thanks Glewarne*
- Support for controllable voltage interface for CPU
- Reduced CPU frequency transition for snappy response time from CPU
- Optimized GPU for higher performance and longer battery life
- Added low frequencies for GPU to save battery when not doing gfx intense tasks
- Added Overclocked frequencies for GPU *thanks to Glewarne for added freqs and tables*
- Undervolted GPU to save battery life at all times
- Increased memory allocation for GPU
- Removed Mali GPU state tracking
- Reduced Mali GPU utilization calculation timeout
- Added optimized ARM RWSEM algorithm
- Enabled Swap capability
- Compiled with emu optimizations
- Extra RAM being fed to GPU
- VPN support included as module
- Included every module stock kernel does plus other extras
- Other things I will remember to add
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