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v3.0.58-ZenSERIES Kernel v17
*Sanity Check*
Fast, Smooth & Battery Friendly

Unified Kernel for Toro/Toroplus/Maguro

Two Versions:
ZenSERIES Kernel v17 4.2
ZenSERIES Kernel v17 4.1

All Major Kernel App Controllers Compatible
384/1230Mhz CPU - ZenX/Row Default
384MHz GPU Clock Speed Default
PGM Supported
  • Available CPU Steps
  • Overclocking/Undervolting/Overvolting
  • 218-1804
  • Available GPU's
  • 307/384/512
  • Available Governors
  • ZenX - Default
  • Interactive
  • Pegasusq
  • Ondemand/OndemanndX
  • Performance
  • Conservative
  • Intellidemand/IntellidemandX
  • Adaptive/AdaptiveX
  • Available I/O Schedulers
  • Deadline
  • SIO/Noop
  • Row/Fiops
  • Cfq/Bfq
  • Available Schedulers
  • Deadline
  • SIO/Noop
  • Row/Fiops
  • Cfq/Bfq

- ZenSERIES_v17
- v3.0.58
- More sysctl tweaks.
- Misc. fixes (anarkia/imoseyon)
- Interactive+ZenX upstream updates
- ZenX updated from v2.1-v2.2 (re-worked a lot of hotplugging handling in the timer, other improvements)
- see [URL=][/URL] for details
Apply and flash through Clockwork Mod or Team Win Recovery Project
Clearing Cache & Dalvik Cache is recommend to ensure the best outcome

ZenSERIES Kernel v17 4.2
ZenSERIES Kernel v17 4.1
Main Download

Please feel free to visit our site & forums
Chat with our team instantly on IRC #AndroidDeveloperAlliance

If you like ZenSERIES and would like to donate (never expected, always appreciated) to our efforts, we provide our kernel 100% free, and open source software.

Imoseyon/Fancisco Franco
Aaron Carol/Gokhanmoral

Thank you again to all the above, some other components here & there might be included.
So please check our Github for any and all remaining credits if you were missed. Please don't hesitate to PM me with any questions.
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