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NOTE: latest leanKernel version works best with latest AOSP nightly builds



  • Unnecessary components removed for lean and fast kernel.
  • A bunch of code tweaks to help stabilize the kernel.
  • Latest Linux updates applied.
  • Some commits from latest CM10 kernel cherry-picked and merged. Starting v2.0, cm-10.1 source is used as base.
  • Ramdisk optimizations.
  • OC'ed to 1.8-1.9Ghz (limited to 1.51Ghz at boot, use an app to change max freq)
  • Tuned Deadline I/O scheduler. ROW Scheduler default.
  • Fast Charge (toggle via the "ffc" script - open terminal, type ffc then enter, plug in phone via USB)
  • InteractiveX V3 - optimized for S3, screen_off_maxfreq sysfs interface (default set to 810Mhz).
  • wakelock tweaks for better power efficiency.
  • Modified thermal control - fully support OC beyond 1.5ghz
  • Custom voltage control via sysfs (recommend using setcpu, voltage control, or system tuner)
  • lkflash script to flash latest kernel versions
  • lkconfig script to configure leanKernel specific features
  • Two more sleep states: Retention and Standalone Power Collapse
  • Faux Sound support
  • CM 10.1 color temp control
  • 3D GPU 480Mhz slot
  • Cherry picks from Linux v3.12.x
  • leanKernel scripts
    lkflash (flash latest leanKernel versions from your phone)

    [email protected]:/ # lkflash

    leanKernel flasher
    1) latest stable (recommended)
    2) latest experimental
    3) check/display versions

    FLASH AT YOUR OWN RISK. I'm not responsible for my mistakes or yours. ;)

    Please enter a number between 1 and 3 (or press enter to exit): 3
    Please wait...

    >>> Current version: 1.0, Latest stable: 1.0, Exp: 1.0exp1

    lkconfig (configure leankernel specific settings which will persist between reboots)

    [email protected]:/ # lkconfig

    leanKernel configurator

    1) interactiveX: set screen-off max freq to 1.1Ghz.
    2) interactiveX: set screen-off max freq to 810Mhz (leanKernel default).
    3) Stop thermald (for running benchmarks).
    4) Restart mpdecision (when cpu1 gets stuck).
    5) Overlock 3D GPU to 480Mhz.
    6) Reset 3D GPU to 400Mhz (leanKernel default)
    7) Set display color temp to cold.
    8) Set display color temp to normal.
    9) Set display color temp to warm.

    Please enter a number between 1 and 9 (or press enter to exit):

    ffc (force fast charge toggler)

    [email protected]:/ # ffc
    Fast USB Charge: ON
    [email protected]:/ # ffc
    Fast USB Charge: OFF

    CHANGELOG (stable)


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SIO vs Deadline?
OnDemand vs Interactive(X)?
Read this post:

Are you having intermittent weirdness and suspect issues with cpu voltage? If so read this post:
TLDR; In order to allow custom user undervolting, my kernels bypass stock samsung kernel's code subroutine that overrides your minimum voltage to 1150mV. Your phone's CPU may be one of the few that needs the extra juice for stability; if so, increase minimum voltage up to 1150mV. UPDATE: Use "lkconfig"

How do I OC GPU?
First download the latest experimental version. By default max gpu is set to 400Mhz at boot. To change it to 480Mhz:
<br />
To increase maximum GPU frequency in 3D mode to 480 MHz:<br />
echo 480000000 > /sys/devices/platform/kgsl-3d0.0/kgsl/kgsl-3d0/max_gpuclk<br />
UPDATE: Use "lkconfig"

Why does my phone spend so much time at 1134Mhz?
Two reasons: 1) thermald, and 2) power hal. You can stop thermald ("stop thermald"), although not recommended. As for powerhal, read this post:

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Pumped to see this. Will flash shortly send will report back.

Thanks for all of your hard work on this!

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Freq sometimes will not stick but happens randomly.. is it a script or something that automatically adjusts it?

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Glad to see this thread... and thanks for letting me test some of these builds beforehand via twitter.

I've been using your kernels through the Thunderbolt --> Nexus --> GS3

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Thanks for your excellent work. Will you be adding support for exfat microsd at any point? It's the only thing holding me back from flashing this.

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Anyone try flashing this on the Liquid build? I could not get it to stick, ended up with a white fuzzy screen that required a battery pull.

Sent from Galaxy S3 running CleanRom 1.0, Imo v.01
No problems running on Liquid here.
EDIT: My phone seemed to like the stock kernel a little better Temp wise/slight performance. May revert. I have also found when using the keyboard it gives me that long haptic feedback vibration(not stopped unless hitting another key)

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how do we get usb fast charge working? If its implemented that is.
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