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[Kernel][AOSP] Tiamat 1.1.3 | | 9/17/11

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AOSP Kernels for HTC's 8x50, 7x30, and 8x60 Devices
Also available for the Motorola Xoom​
Tiamat kernels are designed for use on all ROMs that are built from the AOSP source code. This includes ROMs built from MIUI, CyanogenMod, and others.
Tiamat receives no support for use with ROMs based on HTC's Sense - use at your own risk.
Tiamat Kernels

You can find full details about Tiamat Kernels at our website. The site is up and running and serves as a more centralized location to get updates, downloads, and changelogs for all Tiamat Kernels. There is no forum or Registration, it's just a more convenient way to keep things organized as we work to add support for more devices.​
Join the Tiamat Kernel developers on IRC at, #tiamat. Support and questions are generally handled faster there than the forums. You can easily join via webchat here.​
Special Thanks to:
toastcfh, slayher and the CyanogenMod team for the base kernels and everything else they do for the Android community
bcnice20 for generally being awesome
TeamWin for also generally being awesome
netarchy, chad0989, cuviper, and invisiblek for some great code
intersectRaven and redstar3894 for the Mjolnir compiler
JasonK75 for updating threads​
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Going to try this now. Change log has mecha specific updates for 1.0.3, but no download link for that version?
Ianxcom said:
I like the new clocking frequencies. I'm actually undervolting to 960 and it still runs great.
Nooooo only undervolt in multiples of 25!!

You can't do anything else, it'll probably lock up on you sometime or it's actually not undervolting.
Wi-Fi is broken on both kernels. I am running OMFGB.
cayniarb said:
I'm still looking into this, but it might be a compatibility issue with OMFGB as it is not happening on all ROMs.
Is it working on CM7?
cayniarb said:
I'm in need of more testers, so if you want to try it out and let me know...
I can't right now... If someone doesn't beat me to it later I will. Thanks for these kernels!

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cayniarb said:
Someone beat you to it and it's no go. I'm working on a fix right now.
Lol alright well thank you to whoever did so. I would rather not have to switch roms for this, so thank you for working on a fix so promptly :)

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SomeGuyDude said:
Cm7 as well. No problems whatsoever.

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Yeah id say it's an OMFGB problem..:(
topsite said:
Looks like his works, with CM of course.

I'm running the same radio with OMFGB and nothing :/
Love the kernel, I'm just having issues where sometimes, after a long period of time, the phone refuses to wake and I have to pull the battery
bridaddy69 said:
Have you had any issues with cpu scaling down to 192? Just curious why other devs haven't included it.
I had some wake issues with the 192 slot
"sidsixseven said:
Can someone explain what he is talking about? Is this a Vipermod thing? Not to act like a noob here, but I find some of the undervolting verbage confusing and want to have a better understanding of what I am doingl.

The quoted comment threw me off in particular because this kernel has FAR more CPU states than Imoyeson's kernel and they aren't in the same multiples. For example, Imoyeson undervolts down to 184MHz and he doesn't step up/down in multiples of 25. It's 184/245/368/768/1024.

This Tiamat kernel, by contrast, starts at 192MHz and goes up in multiples of 25.5 .. So it's not exactly 25 even if the presets. I'm guessing ViperMod allows you to define your own presets? Anyone care to help clear up the confusion? I can't be the only one with this question and I haven't seen it answered on XDA or Rootzwiki (I did search).

I guess my main question is that if I don't want to use ViperMod, am I at risk of making a mistake here if I use different presets? I'm thinking 345/1036 as my own personal preference because I don't like to drastically undervolt.

Tiamat now comes pre-installed in Liquid Thunderbread 2.5 now and this was the first time I used it. Shortly after setting the Governor to InteractiveX, I had a lockup. At first I thought that was an undervolting issue with 192MHz. Now I'm not so sure what it means after reading the whole above multiples of 25 thing. It also sounds like InteractiveX might be the problem.

I actually like OnDemandX as a Governor but didn't see that as an option -- is there something similar?
-_- it's simple....voltages must be set in multiples of 25...
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