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[Kernel][AOSP] Tiamat 1.1.3 | | 9/17/11

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AOSP Kernels for HTC's 8x50, 7x30, and 8x60 Devices
Also available for the Motorola Xoom​
Tiamat kernels are designed for use on all ROMs that are built from the AOSP source code. This includes ROMs built from MIUI, CyanogenMod, and others.
Tiamat receives no support for use with ROMs based on HTC's Sense - use at your own risk.
Tiamat Kernels

You can find full details about Tiamat Kernels at our website. The site is up and running and serves as a more centralized location to get updates, downloads, and changelogs for all Tiamat Kernels. There is no forum or Registration, it's just a more convenient way to keep things organized as we work to add support for more devices.​
Join the Tiamat Kernel developers on IRC at, #tiamat. Support and questions are generally handled faster there than the forums. You can easily join via webchat here.​
Special Thanks to:
toastcfh, slayher and the CyanogenMod team for the base kernels and everything else they do for the Android community
bcnice20 for generally being awesome
TeamWin for also generally being awesome
netarchy, chad0989, cuviper, and invisiblek for some great code
intersectRaven and redstar3894 for the Mjolnir compiler
JasonK75 for updating threads​
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I love seeing all the awesome devs in the dinc forums coming here. Thanks!
I like the new clocking frequencies. I'm actually undervolting to 960 and it still runs great.
1 - 2 of 388 Posts
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