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[Kernel][AOSP][v2][Updated 5/19] GT-P3113 kernel OC/UC/UV/GPUOC 448mhz etc.

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Here's a simple kernel for AOSP based ROMS like CM9 and AOKP. Works for my tab. Can't say how it will run for you. Let me know.

v2 - Big Update. There may be bugs or issues I haven't noticed on my device.
  • Added Wheatley Governor and some associated CPUidle and C4 sleep patches to maximize effectiveness of the governor (thanks to Ezekeel)
    • allow cpu to go to sleep/deepidle while using hardware accelerated video/audio playback
    • enable powering down mpu logic during C4 / deep sleep to reduce power usage
    • Doh. Forgot to enable them when building the kernel...
  • Other misc. tweaks to Cpufreq and governors
  • Set 150mhz fuse opp to 50 OPP offset for voltage stability at lowest frequency
  • Change 150mhz slot to 180mhz to prevent SODs
  • Lower mpu vdd max to maximum value allowed by omap twl
    • Gets rid of errors and problems when using 1350mhz+
  • Removed Samsung's "Touch Boost"
    • Before, every time you touched the screen, the cpu frequency would shoot up, whether it was needed or not.
  • Removed Samsung's CPU frequency limits and locks
  • Removed touchscreen factory debug stuff and an annoying debug that was notifying you every time you touch and lifted your finger off the screen
  • Fsync off to improve file system read/write performance
  • Probably some other stuff I'm forgetting...
  • MPU frequencies from 150mhz to 1350mhz
    • 150mhz slot given unique FUSE_OPP for lower SmartReflex calibrated voltages seperate from 300mhz slot
    • 1350mhz slot running at 1200mhz FUSE_OPP to keep voltages down
  • GPU overclocked to 448mhz
    • 448mhz GPU slot using same OPP as stock 307mhz slot to keep voltages down
  • Undervolted across the board
    • but really irrelevant due to SmartReflex calibrations
  • SIO scheduler
  • Lazy governor added
  • RCU priority boosting
  • Other tweaks
OnDemand or Lazy recommended




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I got the sleep of death with this kernel. I will try the next release.
Were you using the 150mhz slot at the time?

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No I was using 300 as min
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