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[KERNEL] Bali v3.3 [EXT4 Voodoo Lagfix] * Team Whiskey [7/8/2011]

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This kernel is based on the original Bali Kernel for Vibrant 3G. I'm not into OC/UV and will try to keep this as close to stock as possible but with balanced performance and good battery life.

- BLN (download BLN app from market to enable it)
- Built in voodoo "red" cwm [3.0]
- Voodoo lagfix [3.0]
- Voodoo sound v9 (download voodoo app or voodoo plus from market)
- Adjusted HZ value to improve smoothness
- no FPS cap
- TinyRCU for better speed and efficiency
- lowmemorykiller patch for compatibility with Tiny RCU
- ext4 patch
- jhash3 for smoothness and responsiveness
- BFQ I/O scheduler to improve I/O throughput
- TUN (VPN support) [1.1]
- CIFS (Samba support) [1.1]
- Added UV version, -25UV across all freq [UV version only]

NOTE: this kernel will work with any 2.2.x based ROM. Also if your screen flickers ... please let me know and I'll release the capped version.

If you still have BLN issue, install a fix by chadster214. ( .. Thanks Chadster214

Special Thanks:

grendel905 and ttabbal - for pointing me to the right direction
supercurio - for wonderful work on voodoo
neldar - for Back Light Notification
Paul McKenny - TinyRCU
hardcore - for ideas on kernel tweaks and efficiencies
jdiddyub - for awesome boot logo image
chadster214, golmar88, PaintsRebellion for testing voodoo kernel

And everybody at Team Whiskey .. you guys are awesome.


As always, I'm not responsible with any damage cause to your phone.

1. Upload kernel to your sdcard
2. Reboot to CWM
3. Flash the kernel using CWM

1. Follow the above instruction to flash the kernel, then reboot your phone.
2. First boot will auto convert your /data, /cache, and /system from RFS filesystem to EXT4. You will hear female voice (linda) during conversion process.
3. Once your phone is boot up, check using voodoo control app or 'adb shell mount' command .. to make sure all three partition (/data,/cache,and /system) are using ext4.
4. You can manage voodoo lagfix from either CWM or Voodoo Control App.

NOTE FOR KD1 based ROM users:
There is a possibility your /system partition doesn't get converted to ext4 due to dirty /system partition from the original KD1 stock ROM. If this happen, please follow the instruction below:

- Download and upload it to your /sdcard
- Reboot to recovery
- Do full backup
- Flash
- Do full restore
- Reboot
- Voodoo will do its conversion process again on boot

- Right now .. voodoo will not convert /data back to rfs when you try to disable lagfix. /data will stay as ext4, you need to ODIN back to rfs or use ... until we have that fixed.

<br />
[B]CHANGELOG:[/B]<br />
3.3 [7/8/2011]<br />
- Updated voodoo sound driver with v10<br />
- Discontinue capped version<br />
<br />
3.2 [6/29/2011]<br />
- Fixed rfs conversion for /data (thnx sduvick for the fix and testing)<br />
<br />
3.1 [6/23/2011]<br />
- Compiler tweak for optimization<br />
- Minor code changes<br />
<br />
3.0 [6/22/2011]<br />
- Added Voodoo lagfix<br />
- Added red voodoo cwm<br />
<br />
2.1 [6/11/2011]<br />
- Added init.d support<br />
<br />
2.0 [6/11/2011]<br />
- Fixed bootanimation support<br />
- Added ext4 support for future plan<br />
<br />
1.4 [5/24/2011]<br />
- Minor tweak to the regular Bali<br />
- BFQ fix to the UV version, should improve performance.<br />
<br />
1.3 [5/20/2011]<br />
- Update voodoo sound driver with version 9<br />
<br />
1.2 [5/18/2011]<br />
- Fixed BLN library installation script<br />
- Added new variant .. -25 UV across all freq for those who wants UV kernel<br />
<br />
1.1 [5/16/2011]<br />
- Fixed version on settings<br />
- Fixed BLN issue <br />
- Added tweaks for better performance and battery life<br />
- Added TUN and CIFS support<br />
<br />
1.0 [5/15/2011] <br />
-Initial release<br />
Bali SGS4G v3.3 Voodoo
Bali SGS4G v3.3UV Voodoo
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I also flashed 3.1 yesterday on my SGS4 and on my wife's too. No problem whatsoever. Noticed smoothness and faster scrolling, using ADW launcher. Thanks.
Updated mine today with 3.2, and noticing boot up time reduced. Also my score went a little up @ 1.0 and way better @ 1.3
Thanks drhonk for your work. Much appreciated. :android-smile:
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