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Introducing the new variant of Bali kernel, Bali for CM7. In theory this kernel should work with MIUI ROM since its based on CM7, but haven't test it with MIUI. If you're using MIUI, please let me know if it doesn't work. The main goal of this kernel is the same as other Bali kernel, balanced performance and battery life. I can't guaranteed you will get the same battery life as Bali for Froyo but you will definitely get an improve battery life over stock kernel.

- OC/UV up to 1.4GHz (Safe boot to 1GHz) [require setCPU from market]
- Voodoo Sound v10
- Voodoo Color
- Multiple CPU governor, smartass included (default: ondemand)
- Multiple IO scheduler (default: BFQ)
- LED notification support (no external app required)
- CIFS support
- Support SetCPU screen off 100/400 profile
- Dock sound redirector support [need Galaxy Dock Sound Redirector app from market]


As always, I'm not responsible with any damage cause to your phone.

Special Thanks:
- Team Whiskey - you guys are awesome.
- Alexia - for great work on the new splash image.
- Supercurio - for awesome work on voodoo
- xcaliburinhand - for wonderful work on dock sound redirector.
- Everybody at CM dev community for their hard work on this awesome ROM.
- Everybody at #teamwhiskey for beta testing this kernel and their support.

I apologize if I miss anyone ..

Flashing Instruction:
- If you're coming from a different kernel, flash "Ultimate Kernel Cleaning Script" by lippol94 first (
- Once that's done .. then flash Bali-CM


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Change Log:

<br />
- 2.2.2 [10/18/2011]<br />
CM update<br />
Re-enabled LED by default<br />
<br />
- 2.2.1 [9/12/2011]<br />
Fixed screen jitter issue<br />
<br />
- 2.2 [9/10/2011]<br />
Upgraded BFQ to v2<br />
Added Smartass v2 with extra tweak<br />
Fixed ondemand and tweaked for smoother experience<br />
Set ondemand as default governor<br />
Other fixes and tweaks<br />
<br />
- 2.1 [9/1/2011]<br />
Disabled SLQB and revert back to SLUB<br />
Disabled LED notification for the time being<br />
Added more UV settings<br />
GPU tweaks<br />
Added v(r) scheduler<br />
Added Tiny Preempt RCU<br />
And other tweaks and fixes<br />
<br />
- 2.0 [8/25/2011]<br />
Disabled ramzswap and switched to zram<br />
Enabled zcache for better IO performance<br />
Memory tweak, now gives you 340MB<br />
More tweaks<br />
<br />
- 1.2.1 [8/19/2011]<br />
Fixed video playback issue<br />
Fixed battery report when charging, it goes to 100% now<br />
<br />
- 1.2 [8/18/2011]<br />
Updated source with the latest CM patches<br />
Added SLQB slab allocator for better memory management<br />
Added more tweaks<br />
<br />
- 1.1.1 [7/26/2011]<br />
Fixed kernel instability that cause random reboot<br />
<br />
- 1.1 [7/26/2011]<br />
Added Voodoo color V2<br />
Fixed UV portion to make it easier to manage <br />
Added Voltage Control support<br />
Added compiler tweak<br />
<br />
- 1.0 [7/22/2011] <br />
Initial release<br />
<br />

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tried this with stock miui and it just sit in bali animation and turns black. i guess it will work if you are in stock miui and kernel. i have glitch before i flash this but did the script cleaning first before flashing Bali.
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