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Mod Type:: Kernel

Difficulty:: Easy

Mod Base:: CyanogenMod

Mod Status:: RC 0

Apply In:: CWM Recovery

Requires Root:: Yes

Android Version:: 4.0.3 (ICS)

These kernels are provided as-is without warranty. I'm not responsible for any problem you can encounter with your phone or if your cat suddenly dies.
Although, don't expect support even if I will eventually help since I love cats.

Note : These kernels are only compatible with CyanogenMod 9 based roms.
Use them on any other rom at your own risks.

Overview :
- 3.1.9 linux base
- LiveOC
- Custom Voltage
- Battery Life eXtender
- DIDLE v2
- Voodoo Sound 10
- PMFAST mode for best wifi performance
- USB host mode support
- Various tweaks for more speed and battery saving


By default, no overclock/undervolt is applied.

You'll need NSTools to use/enable all the features of this kernel.
(Available for free on the Android market)


Glitch kernel (CWM flashable only)
Glitch Kernel Updater app now available on the Android market to support us !

- 23/01/2012 - V14 B4

Other supported devices : Captivate, Vibrant, Telus Fascinate, Verizon Fascinate

Do you want to discuss on this kernel, get the fresh news on development, or become a kernel tester ?

Join the IRC channel from your web browser
here ! No registration needed :)
Make sure the channel is "#glitchkernel" and you're set.

For those who already have an IRC client,
here is the server :
port : 6667
Channel : #glitchkernel

Source :
- Glitch repo :

Who is the Glitch team ?
- Kernel developement : ssewk2x & Tk-Glitch.
- Public relations / web hosting : Sixstringsg.
- App developement : Smasher816.
- Extreme overclocking testing : Shaolin95
- Beta testers team, with members coming and leaving :D

Credits :
Pawitp, jt1134, Morfic, Ezekeel, Zacharias.maladroit, Supercurio, lippol94, sztupy, Eugene373, Franciscofranco

Thanks to the donators and everyone bying the Glitch Kernel Updater app from the market, it's much appreciated and encourages us to continue our work !

Thanks to the beta testers team and to everyone helping me to debug and find new useful things to integrate !

Without all of you, this kernel wouldn't be !​

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Changelogs :


21/02/2012 - BETA 4 :

- Fixes on LiveOC and custom voltage from Ezekeel
- Fixes + various enhancements on I/O scheduling (up to 50% I/O speed improvement compared to beta 3)
- Fixed touchscreen freezing randomly
- Fixed various bugs here and there
- Back from Eugene's DIDLE to Ezekeel's DIDLE v2 mod (available through NSTools again)
- Load balancing improvements
- Updated FIOPS I/O sched
- Sync with THS latest source

09/02/2012 - BETA 3 :

- LiveOC frequency steps changed again - Now all steps are using a 200MHz bus by default, so pushing liveOC % will give the same bus speed on all steps
- Default Int voltage for 1GHz set to Samsung's default to fix instability on bad overclocker devices
- Fixed recovery not displaying long lists items as well as cosmetic fixes - updated to latest source from Koush
- Fixed init.d support
- Switched to Tiny SHMEM, better on small devices
- Ext4 optimizations for more speed
- Readahead values tweaked a bit - should be better overall
- Fascinate : Use GB driver for i500 to fix prox/light sensors, and updated RIL init (Thanks to Sbrissen)
- Fsync() enabled again to prevent/limit data loss while experimenting with overclocking, and to (probably) fix the reboot->bootloop issue
- Disabled frame pointer, FIQ debugger, and some more debug stuff, Morfic-like :D
- Some writeback quickfixes
- Updated wifi drivers with added net fixes and optimizations
- GlitchOndemand polling tweaking for more stability
- Misc tweaks

29/01/2012 - BETA 2 :

- Updated to linux 3.1.10
- A few fixes on LiveOC (Thanks Ezekeel)
- GPU load affecting CPU frequency scaling (200 vs 100MHz) is back
- Removed CFQ and BFQ, and added SIO & the all new flash oriented FIOPS i/o schedulers - FIOPS is now default
- Better VM tweaks
- Fixed GlitchOndemand polling to fix stability issues some are encountering
- i/o-less dirty throttling backport from linux 3.2 (thanks to Franciscofranco)
- Added dynamic writeback & various writeback fixes
- Proportional rate reduction for TCP (thanks Google :D)
- Small fix on Lazy gov from Ezekeel
- Captivate : Port battery charging/fuel gauge code from stock --> Improves (but does not completely fix) phone turning off while
charging for some users (charging death). (Thanks to Pawitp)
- Vibrant : Headset buttons fix (Thanks to FaultException)
- Fixed and now built-in CIFS
- Changed OC steps (1152 step is now 1160, with 200MHz bus, 1440MHz step removed, added 1400 and 1500 MHz steps)
- Moved back to "old" DIDLE implementation for now
- Glitch call volume hack is back
- Various optimization and CPU load reduction in some typical cases
- Verizon Fascinate : fix for boot issue on preview 5 and BETA 1
- Updated USB host driver to build 5

23/01/2012 - BETA 1 :

- Dock audio support.
- Added gamma V1 hack and MDNIE bypass mode.
- Added more governors to play with & tweaked interactive and ondemand.
- DIDLE V2 added back for people who want to mod their framework (It may/will cause sleep of death on some devices, as always)
- Battery charging calculation fix (BLX will now show 100% as default).
- Changed overclocked steps for more stability and easier setup.
- Dm-cache support.
- Updated linux base to 3.1.9.
- Improved memory management and cache handling.
- General speed enhancements.
- Fsync disabled.
- Added an entry in the GLITCH menu (in recovery) to choose between mtp and mass storage USB mode.
- USB host mode (OTG) - updated to build 4, from sztupy - thanks to him and everyone involved in this !
- Bootmode injection fix from pawitp.
- Optimized RWSEM algorithm.
- VM and I/O performance enhancements.
- Added BFQ i/o scheduler.
- More cleaning, various optimizations and power management tweaks.

PREVIEW #5 : (For build 13+)

- Even better 720p video recording.
- Fixed Vibrant GPS.
- Added back various governors.
- New colors from Samsung stock.
- Toolchain sorcery with linaro 4.4.5, and using NEON and hardfloat optimizations.
- Bootmode injection support.
- Various speed enhancements.


- Fixed softkeys on Captivate and Fascinate.
- Refresh rate back to 60Hz as the uncap breaks colors (it'll help to get better smoothness on heavy games too).
- Better 720p video recording.
- Tweaked governors and schedulers for testing.
- Big cleanup.
- Removed DIDLE for now - useless anyway, the rom prevents it to work correctly.


- Added color adjustments to Nexus S framebuffer.
- Dock audio stuff back in.
- Cleanup.


- Fixed GPS issues.
- Moved to Nexus S Framebuffer (stock colors, no more color adjustment available).

25/12/2011 - V14 Preview #1

- Compatible with Teamhacksung's ICS/CM9 builds 10 or higher.

- Now using linux 3.0.8 base from the Nexus S drop
- Upstream synced to the latest from THS (TVout, cleanup, 3.0 port..)
- Reverted to stock CM LED Notifications (fixing all the previous problems some users encountered with BLN) / No more BLN app needed, enabled by default.
- Removed Voodoo Color, and back to stock implementation.
- Added support for a new low power mode on wifi chipset, enhancing signal reception and stability, at the cost of a bit higher power consumption.
- Back to NEON mfpu for now
- Full support for init.d scripts
- Readahead value back to 1024 for better results (SDcard read Cache)
- Fixed headset buttons
- Fixed randomly freezing softkeys
- Big cleanup and rewrite of some stuff
- Removed the 200MHz lock when the GPU is active for battery life. Depending on your launcher and/or widgets, you'll get some slowdowns. Change min freq to 200 to fix it.

Major additions, ported from Ezekeel's work on the Nexus S (thanks Morfic !) :

You will need NSTools app, available for free on the market, or here :

- Added "LiveOC" system, giving access to GPU/bus overclocking on the fly, per 1% step.
- Added "Custom Voltage" control, giving access to ARM and Internal voltage undervoling and overvolting. (This makes the previous leakage system obsolete, which is now removed.)
- Added "Battery life eXtender" mod, allowing the user to limit the maximum charge percentage to preserve the battery life (not the battery runtime obviously)
- Added support for DIDLE V2, a very low power mode that will help battery life in many idle/semi-idle cases.
- Lazy governor sysfs, to enable or disable the frequency ramping up when screen is off (to end tasks quicker to sleep faster).

Keep in mind CM9 is at early stages of development and contains many bugs still.

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