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Hey, well, for those who choose not to join us on #g-slate on IRC are a bit behind but I have decided to take this out of Alpha as it seems performance is good, features are working and things are moving along Nicely. This is a team effort between myself and ^Faye^ on IRC (hence the name "CRF-Team") with most testing done by ourselves and Innerspace. So enough with the chat lets get on to business!! ;)

Kernel is OC'd to 1.5 Ghz by default with the conservative governor stock. Added was deadline and CFQ I/O schedulers with CFQ default, NEON (which Tegra doesn't support by default but the work around will be included), CIFS, USB automount support (meaning you can plug in flash drives, card readers, HDDs, USB keyboards, bluetooth adapters etc (which have all been tested) adb support is embedded so you can plug your android device into the slate and use the slate as you would your PC to adb the externally connected device... Probably more and when I remember I will revise this thread.... Its late and I have an early day tomorrow so I gotta crash but have fun and let me know how things go.... CR

Oh, and for any who want it the src is public and on my github which the link is in my sig. (I'm GPL compliant :p )

EDIT: Beta 0.2 is up and the link has been updated... Reason its 0.2 is it was a very small change to the ramdisk I forgot to make. The changes were to set adb to root automagically via, also enabled debugging. So again, not a huge change but I would suggest updating to 0.2 if you play with adb.... CR


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