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LoStKernel does not claim to get RID of LoS, but it does significantly cut down on it. Over the past 2-3 weeks, numerous people have downloaded it, and I can say that it has had maybe a 5% reported LoS rate, and of those people, they had a significant reduction in the amount of LoS they had.

Now the kernel isn't all about LoS though, its fast and stable, and your phone will be smooth and snappy. That's the goal after all isn't it? something we can use?

There are 2 builds of LoS Kernel, the Standard build, and the Experimental Build. The standard build can always be considered stable, on the other hand, the Experimental build is where features go for testing before they are committed to the standard branch. Also, the Experimental build is cutting edge, overclocking the CPU 1400mhz and 1600mhz as well as Voltage control and Setcpu interface support. There is also Gpu O/C support. (Terminal command support only at this time.)

Both Builds are updated pretty regularly so check ACS regulary for updates...

Download from

Checkout the Video by QBKing77


Standard features:
<br />
Wifi Driver Fixes (Memory Leaks)<br />
Conservative governor is default (Tweaked)<br />
NOOP Scheduler is default<br />
JHash3 Support<br />
CIFS Support<br />
Tegrak support<br />
Touchscreen Lag Fix<br />
DPRam Driver Tweaks<br />
CPUFreq patch to address issue with second core forgetting min/max clock frequency<br />
CPUFreq Bugfixes<br />
Read Ahead Tweak<br />
Sleep Death Patch<br />
SU binary (Upgrade-able)<br />
Superuser.apk (Upgrade-able) <br />
BusyBox (Upgrade-able)<br />
CWM5<br />
init.d Support<br />
Bootanimation Support<br />
Plus Tweaks<br />
ROM Manager Support<br />
Exp features:
<br />
Everything from the Standard branch<br />
OC steps 1400mhz and 1600mhz<br />
U/v controllable from SetCpu and Voltage Control<br />
GPU OC<br />
Tweaked Voltages<br />
Minor Linux Version upgrade from .7 to .8<br />
ROM Manager Support<br />
Cutting Edge upgrades from time to time<br />

I recommend Voltage Control or SetCpu.

to change the gpu clocking:

<br />
adb shell<br />
cat /sys/devices/virtual/misc/gpu_clock_control/gpu_control # To view current settings<br />
echo 267 300 > /sys/devices/virtual/misc/gpu_clock_control/gpu_control # Sets GPU clock from 160/267 to 267/300<br />
Please report any problems or bugs in the Exp branch to #lostkernel on

Now for thanks.. its a long list..
First off, big thanks to #samsung-epic-touch, #lostkernel over on and #epic over on<br />
naerok for hosting my builds when my host went down, Rodderik and insan|ty for dev-phone in general... rodderik helps me a hell of a lot.  <br />
ACS, is a great team of testers and we find ways to make things happen. who else makes kernels like this without phones???<br />
Rjmjr69 makes things happen behind the scenes.. <br />
Bubby323 soon to be on a phone near you..<br />
Nubecoder if he wasnt around to spot the stupidest shit i do, i wouldnt know what to do...<br />
Nullghost great to have people i can ask for help..<br />
Uberpingiun resident linux expert...<br />
DRockstar how many phones you working on now?<br />
Decad3nce so busy with CM7, surprised you havent said f**k it with all the ungrateful people.. yet you still help out.<br />
Entropy512 dont know you, but i used some of your commits..<br />
Ninpo dont know you, used your commits, heard a lot.<br />
Netarchy pretty much a kernel genius, used some of his commits<br />
Shabbypingiun<br />
k0nane<br />
WR47HANZ<br />
Tphillips<br />
ptfmedic<br />
qbking77 can you make a video for this?<br />
cnz i dont care what they say about you.. your opinion may suck and be ridiculous sometimes, but you still say it like you mean it. and that counts for something<br />
Testers: not all of them so if I left you out, MY BAD
<br />
lovinlissa1984<br />
pyrostic<br />
Drakhar<br />
Orionstein<br />
thefredelement<br />
yourm0m1<br />
art3mis<br />
acrown<br />
akarol<br />
AlonzotheGreat<br />
chunology<br />
dtruong4715<br />
ffolkes<br />
fishfuzz<br />
fordmanck<br />
frifox<br />
Geraldweb<br />
imesg<br />
jbn<br />
Jeffy<br />
JesterCorp<br />
kudakeru<br />
lballer69<br />
Leodoc<br />
Mantis<br />
Orrkis<br />
PhantomPhreak53<br />
platinumj<br />
stangdriverdoug<br />
Now if you made it this far... I'd like to thank all those people who hated on me, and give you all a big FUUuuuuuu...
especially that guy that said only shitty developers code on the touch.. you inspire me daily.

And Please remember, I do not own this phone... so before you ask me a question, think about whether or not it's something I could possibly know without having one in my hand...
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