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The main goal of this kernel is to have a kernel that is smooth and efficient enough without the use of OC. A balanced between performance and battery life was the main goal of this kernel.


- Voodoo lagfix
- Voodoo sound v9 (fixed on 1.8.6)
- Voodoo color
- 337MB RAM
- Adjusted HZ value to improve smoothness
- no FPS cap
- TinyRCU for better speed and efficiency
- lowmemorykiller patch for compatibility with Tiny RCU
- ext4 patch
- jhash3 for smoothness and responsiveness
- BFQ I/O scheduler to improve I/O throughput
- Battery source mod for optimization and battery life (1.7.2)
- Disabled debug and printk for performance and battery life (1.8.2)
- NEW -25 UV across all freq on UV version only (1.8.5)

- This kernel will only work with 2.2 and 2.2.1
- Disable SetCPU if you have one installed.

Special Thanks:

grendel905 - for pointing me to the right direction
supercurio - for wonderful work on voodoo
neldar - for Back Light Notification
Paul McKenny - TinyRCU
hardcore - for ideas on kernel tweaks and efficiencies
jdiddyub - for awesome boot logo image


As always, I'm not responsible with any damage cause to your phone.

Change Log:

<br />
1.8.8 [7/8/2011]<br />
- Updated voodoo sound driver to v10<br />
- Discontinue capped version<br />
<br />
1.8.7 [6/23/2011]<br />
- More optimization for performance<br />
<br />
1.8.6 [6/2/2011]<br />
- Fixed voodoo sound patch, it should load v9 like it supposed to<br />
- Fixed the battery drain issue<br />
<br />
1.8.5 [5/24/2011]<br />
- Minor tweaks and fixes<br />
- Introduction of new variant .. 1.8.5UV<br />
<br />
1.8.4 [5/20/2011]<br />
- Updated voodoo sound to version 9<br />
<br />
1.8.3 [5/6/2011]<br />
- Added more tweaks for performance<br />
- Added FPS capped version [5/10/2011]<br />
<br />
1.8.2 [4/27/2011]<br />
- Fix FPS cap issue (thanks MattyMat for pointing this out)<br />
- Disabled printk for better performance and battery life<br />
- Disabled debug to be more efficient.<br />
<br />
1.8.0 [4/27/2011]<br />
- Update Voodoo sound driver v8<br />
<br />
1.7.2 [4/23/2011] <br />
- Battery source mod for optimization and battery life<br />
- More tweaks for performance and battery life<br />
<br />
1.6.6 [4/21/2011] <br />
- Fixed kernel RAM <br />
<br />
1.6.4 [4/20/2011] <br />
- Initial release<br />
Bali v1.8.8
Bali v1.8.8UV

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I was running NexGen v2 ROM with Bali 1.8.8 Kernel combination and it was liquid butter! I kind of actually miss it and want to jump from my CM7 because of it.

Once again TW, you all do some incredible work. One of the Teams I silently (not now huh?) donate to. Waiting to see what you have in store for the future!

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Hey drhonk I was wondering if there is anyway you can implement the ability to enable voodoo color with the ability to change the color levels in voodoo control app? Simone just enabled voodoo color settings in his Talon JVR GB kernel port so I know it can be done. Why aren't there any Froyo 2.2 kernels that have voodoo color settings enabled like CM7 and Simone's kernel? Is it a limitation of the build or kernel?
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