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This froyo kernel is basically based on Bali 1.8.6 but every aspect of the kernel is configurable by the user using Voltage Control app or the latest SetCPU.

- Based on Bali 1.8.6
- Minimum/maximum CPU frequency choosing
- Selecting IO scheduler (default: BFQ)
- Selecting CPU governor (default: conservative)
- Changing voltage per frequency
- Default safe freq on boot, 1GHz
- Requires Voltage Control to manage this kernel. (download it from Market)

Available CPU Governor Options:

CPU governors control exactly how the CPU scales between your "max" and "min" set frequencies. Most kernels have "ondemand" and "performance." The availability

interactive - This governor is designed for latency sensitive workloads and UI interaction. The 'interactive' governor has a different approach. Instead of sampling the cpu at a specified rate, the governor will scale the cpu frequency up when coming out of idle. When the cpu comes out of idle, a timer is configured to fire within 1-2 ticks. If the cpu is 100% busy from exiting idle to when the timer fires then we assume the cpu is underpowered and ramp to MAX speed.

ondemand - When the CPU load reaches a certain point (see "up threshold" in Advanced Settings), ondemand will rapidly scale the CPU up to meet demand, then gradually scale the CPU down when it isn't needed.

conservative - It is similar to the ondemand governor, but will scale the CPU up more gradually to better fit demand. Conservative provides a less responsive experience than ondemand, but can save battery.

performance - It will keep the CPU running at the "max" set value at all times. This is a bit more efficient than simply setting "max" and "min" to the same value and using ondemand because the system will not waste resources scanning for the CPU load. This governor is recommended for stable benchmarking.

powersave - It will keep the CPU running at the "min" set value at all times.

userspace- A method for controlling the CPU speed that isn't currently used by SetCPU. For best results, do not use the userspace governor.

If you OC this kernel, set your minimum freq to 400 to avoid "Sleep Of Death".

NOW with SetCPU support:

Main Profile: 100 - 1200 (conservative)
Charge Profile: 100 - 1000(conservative)

Your phone already idle between 100 - 400 but if you need to have screen off profile, use the following setting:

Screen Off: 100 - 800 (conservative) (DO NOT use 100/400 profile to prevent SOD)


As always, I'm not responsible with any damage cause to your phone.

Change Log

<br />
1.2<br />
- Updated Voodoo Sound to version 10<br />
<br />
1.1<br />
- Upgrade based on 1.8.7<br />
<br />
1.0<br />
- Initial release<br />
Bali-X v1.2 1.2GHz
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