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Mod Type:: Kernel

Difficulty:: Very Easy

Mod Status:: Stable

Apply In:: CWM Recovery

Requires Root:: Yes

Hi everyone.

First of all my name is Francisco Franco, and I'm a kernel developer for several other devices, the LG P500, Huawei U8800 and the Google Nexus S.

Kernel wiki with useful information:

franco.Kernel features:

* THIS IS ONLY FOR 4.0.3 or 4.0.4. If you ask if it works on older roms I will shoot you
* Overclock up to 1344mhz
* Custom Voltage Control from Ezekeel
* Completely updated CRC32 library that is used for a lot of core functionaties of the system
* CFS scheduler tweaked for the best user experience
* Stock GPU clock - reason(
* Simple IO scheduler by default
* Ext4 tweaked and patched up for performance
* I/O writeback backported from 3.2
* SLUB memory allocator as default
* USB HOST enabled
* TUN enabled
* ColorControl from Ezekeel
Command: echo "-10 0 -2" /sys/class/misc/colorcontrol/v1_offset
this is just an example, values range between -255 and 255. If you want the values to stick on reboot create an init.d script or use my app
* Custom ramdisk included with proper ext4 mounts for performance
* Kernel config stripped out from debug shit (only logcat and dmesg stayed)
* A lot more stuff that can be seen on my repo
color multiplier triple (default = factory settings; set with 'echo "2004318071 2004318071 2004318071" > multiplier' for example; if the safety is enabled the color multipliers cannot be raised above the factory settings)

# Milestone 4
Changelog since Milestone 3
* Added 192Mhz slot
* Reverted all previous OMAP4 patches forked from Texas Instruments to fix most of the bugs coming from them
* Interactive governor patches from android-omap-3.0
* Screen_off_max_freq re-enabled and available here: /sys/devices/system/cpu/cpu0/cpufreq/screen_off_max_freq
* Lowmemorykiller driver updated to 3.4 version
* Fix for random mac id address for some users - from Imoseyon
* Special compiler flags to get some extra bits of performance
* Wi-Fi voltage back to stock to prevent signal issues
* Fix a crash present on stock kernel on i2c remove - patch from TI
* Remove generic_hotplug and Hotplug governor. The device shuts down cpu1 as it see fits so to prevent instabilities what so ever this function is now gone
* Fix to boosted sound when a notification was received - from Ezekeel
* Some OMAP4 patches from android-omap-3.0 for stability purposes
* Kernel 99% cleaned up from warnings that were present on stock kernel for stability purposes
* VDD_MIN voltage back to stock to prevent data loss or any other instability
* Add OMAP GAMMA interface - values range from 1.0 to 2.0 and are to be echoed to this file: /sys/devices/platform/omapdss/manager0/gamma
* Some MUSB patches from mainline kernel to improve battery life calling the correct pm_runtime functions on USB functions
* GPU clock is now 384Mhz by default because it can use the same amount of voltage and the same OPP as the 307Mhz giving us extra performance without taking a battery hit
* Other bunch of smaller patches and fixes that can be seen on my bitbucket repository

1. My device rebooted or crashed, how can I help?
A: Get me /proc/last_kmsg or logcat.
2. Battery sucks, my device is not entering deep sleep. FIX PLOX!
A: Fix it yourself, it's an app waking your device up not the kernel's problem
3. Signal is dropping since I flashed the kernel, amg u sucks!
A: The kernel has nothing to do with gsm/cmda signal. Make sure you have the latest radios
4. Do I need to wipe anything when flashing this kernel?
A: No.
5. Does this kernel has X or Y mod?
A: Learn to read, everything you need to know is in the features list, changelog or public repo.

Milestone 4: Nexus/
Nightlies: Nexus/nightlies/
franco.Kernel updater app:
franco.Kernel updater app from AndroidPit:

franco.Kernel updater app features:
* Downloads the kernel directly from the ftp
* Checks for updates directly from the ftp
* Checks and downloads Imoseyon's kernel (new feature)
* Kernel auto-flash
* Cpu frequencies changer
* Governor changer
* Voltage control interface
* Kernel settings:
* Hotplug enabler
* Color Control - You're able to change GAMMA values and Color Multipliers to achieve the best color profile
* Sound Control - Increase the max volume of your device
* Download special franco.Kernel boot animation
* Wi-fi special mode to boost signal during streaming while on screen off
* Custom download path
* Live calibrated voltages panel
* Disable logger
* SQlite defrag on boot
* Dedicated milestone and nightly kernels changelogs


Have fun.

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Thanks Mike, the volume bug only really causes me any problems at home so will try it when I'm at work tomorrow. Also downloaded your rom earlier, will be using that later

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Doing a cleaner build now since I got two reports of bootloops when this condition was met:

1 - Flash my kernel. System booted fine
2 - Restore original boot.img
3 - Reboot fine
4 - Flash my kernel back. Bootloop

As I don't the device I'm going step by step. I wanna make sure its stable with a few tweaks, then adding all my gizmos.

This will get updated very frequently in the next days as I start to get feedback.

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Very interesting. Benchmark wise, linpack:

stock: single thread: 42, multi-thread: 69
my kernel: single thread: 45, multi-thread: 77

Thats just the tip of the iceberg and a little taste of whats coming, doing some final touches before its out.

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Thanks soo much for starting development on the Nexus kernel franco it has been a pleasure to work with you over the past few days and we are definitely seeing very good improvements over stock kernel.

Linpack scores are looking great after such a short time.

Lots more to come in the future im sure


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Thank you both of you!!!!

Update released, I'm very happy with this release and it can only shine more in the future.

Thanks Mark for the infinite testing, as without him I would not be able to test this up as I don't own the device.
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