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Credits: slayher, cuviper, cayniarb, erasmux, SavagedZen, CK
Thanks to cayniarb for the original .38 port

This kernel is a lean and minimal kernel for the Incredible. I will be updating this as i see fit (this can be as much as 3times a day or as little as once a month) Below is a list of features

SBC Trickle Charge
New Smartass governor
SLUB unqueued allocater
BFQ v2
BFS 404
Readahead buffer increased to 1040
Optimized compiler (compiled with neon and cortex flags)
Lagfree Governor
Kernel now supports swap
Slightly undervolted

1.3: rebase off of toastcfh's repo, enabled swap, tweaked swap, introduced lagfree governor, undervolted, enabled ext2 and 3, enabled other config options
v1.0: initial release

Source: (ill have this up on my gitweb by tonight)

Download link:

Please report any issues you have with this kernel in this thread, on my forums, or on my issue tracker. If you need to chat with me in real time, please visit my IRC channel (all of this is conveniently located at
Follow me on twitter @jdkoreclipse. Donate to me here:
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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