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Credits: slayher, cuviper, erasmux, SavagedZen, bbedward, leedroid, nerozehl, Icarus, ck, imoseyon, damentz, drod, all contributers to Linux, android, and CyanogenMod. Of I forgot to add anyone, just let me know.

This kernel is a lean and minimal kernel for the Incredible 2. I will try to update it every night.

Features: New Smartass governor, Undervolted, SLUB unqueued allocater, BFS 404, Readahead buffer increased to 1040, Optimized compiler (compiled with neon and cortex flags) , Lagfree Governor, swap support, bfs tweaks, smoothass governor, backported conservative and ondemand govs from 3.0 rc7, backported wifi driver from 3.0 rc7, cpuidle code from 3.0 rc6, minmax governor, interactiveX governor, vdd leves interface, call recording, wireless charging support, V(R) IoSched, lowered wifi voltage, raised GPU allocation, audio values based off Cayniarb's, JHash3, Automated per tty task groups patch , other various tweaks and optimizations.


Download: (This is only my upload folder. You're going to want to download the newest, which is
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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