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[KERNEL] jdkernel Vivow Nightlies (FOR AOSP ROMS ONLY)

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Credits: slayher, cuviper, erasmux, SavagedZen, bbedward, leedroid, nerozehl, Icarus, ck, imoseyon, damentz, drod, all contributers to Linux, android, and CyanogenMod. Of I forgot to add anyone, just let me know.

EDIT 9/6:
Now introducing the new and shiny JDkernel Updater App. You will have to enable updates in order to use the app. Launch the app and press menu>configuration>Kernel Update Settings and check Display All Kernel Updates and Display Experimental Kernels. (Thanks to jf, segi valez, trock79, firefart and cyanogen for the app)

This kernel is a lean and minimal kernel for the Incredible 2. I will try to update it every night.

Features: New Smartass governor, Undervolted, SLUB unqueued allocater, Readahead buffer increased to 1040, Optimized compiler (compiled with neon and cortex flags) , Lagfree Governor, swap support, smoothass governor, backported conservative and ondemand govs from 3.0 rc7, backported wifi driver from 3.0 rc7, cpuidle code from 3.0 rc6, minmax governor, interactiveX governor, vdd leves interface, call recording, wireless charging support, V(R) IoSched, lowered wifi voltage, raised GPU allocation, audio values based off Cayniarb's, JHash3, Automated per tty task groups patch , other various tweaks and optimizations.


Download: (This is only my upload folder. You're going to want to download the newest, which is
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Stable release has no working wifi for me. Newest nightly freezes when its just sitting in my pocket. Running cm7 nightly #56
JAS_21 said:
How high do you have the max CPU set?
In the 1700 range, but was using a screen off profile with a max of 368 i believe. I actually figured out what was triggering it to freeze. It seems that while i thought it was just randomly freezing, it actually was freezing up when someone would call me while the screen was off. I also had the same issue with charging in that if the screen was off upon plugging it in it would freeze as soon as the lockscreen came up. My charging profile was like 1200-1300 max. All are smartass except my in call profile which is ondemand at about 1 notch higher than stock for the max. I can receive calls just fine with the screen on, and plugging it in with the screen on is fine too. Today i realized tiamat 1.1.2 came out yesterday so i've been using that today with no problems whatsoever. I would much rather use jdkernel, but not if it's going to freeze my phone everytime i get a call when the screen is off. I hope the next update will give me better results.
This is just really pissing me off. It's not a kernel issue i guess as it's freezing when i get a call with the screen off with tiamat too. Any suggestions other than wiping and installing cm7 from scratch?
reapplied the update to cm7 56 and cleared cache and dalvik and then installed the newest jdkernel nightly. Max 1766, min 245 smartass, with no profiles enabled. Have tried a few times to duplicate the freeze under these settings and i am unable to do so. Guess i'll stick with no profiles, and maybe start praying to the battery gods.
JAS_21 said:
Try removing all those profiles. You don't really need them anyways.
I know where ur coming from with this, but in the past without using a charging profile my phone gets much hotter than i would like. I like to lower the cpu a bit to make up for the heat from the battery.
JAS_21 said:
Here's a screenshot of Android System Info on my phone now. It show all my CPU usage. (The only reason it has usage above 1305 is I was playing with Quadrant scores lol).

View attachment 2936
5 hours light to moderate use smartass
View attachment 1961


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jdkoreclipse said:
I will be re-vamping my inc2 nightlies. Stay tuned.
Any idea when this will be?
jdkoreclipse said:
Right now! grab it from my FTP.

based off of newest CM src
Removd BFS and other related tweaks
Re-wrote Sha1 code
Backported 3.0 block code
Got it! Thanks! Working great.
Rogan said:
Dude this kernel rocks. I just ran a quadrant for piss and giggles and scored a 4018. Whatever you're doing keep it up! No problems on this end.
Wow I'd love to know how u got that. 3880 is the highest I've ever got btw

Benchmarks: 245 min, 1920 max, performance governor
1: 2889
2: 3290
3: 3651
4: 3765
5: 3880
6: 3838
7: 3785
Break time for a min (now smartass gov for the hell of it, same min/max)
8: 2795
9: 3225
10: 3320
and one more on performance, again for the hell of it
11: 3400
Boring morning of class haha :p
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My quadrant scores go up as I raise the OC. All the way up. Each higher frequency results in higher scores. 1.92 is perfectly stable, but I stick with 1.5 or 1.6 regularly.
JAS_21 said:
Is Smartass v2 going to be included in an update?
I have temporarily went to tiamat for smartass v2. Hopefully there will be an update soon because the tiamat kernel is giving me issues. Random reboots, battery info page is all ****ed up, some apps force close. Redownloaded and reinstalled and haven't seen any reboots (yet) but the battery info is still ****ed.
I've been running nothing but cm7 since i rooted. Not really sure why i never tested anything else but i never seen anything that looked as nice. I am kind of getting irritated with cm7 though because the last nightly that doesn't have huge calling problems is 85 and now it's at like 95. thankfully i never updated past 85 so i never had to deal with wipe/restore. Perhaps now that i have internet at my apartment i will look into others. Anyways my tiamat issues continued and i had to switch back to jdkernel 9-19.
Edit: decided to try out the liquid rom. Very nice. had to go back to adw launcher. Been wanting to try out the honeybread theme and it looks quite beautiful. Think I'll be sticking with this for awhile.
Ya know the only volume issue I ever had was low speakerphone volume. No issues with that for months and i've been using jdkernel all the time. Are all you guys deaf or am I always in an environment with low ackground noise?
Lets hope. This is the only kernel thats stable above 1305, but smartass v2 seems to be a little quicker.
I tweeted him yesterday about it. Haven't heard back yet.
Well every phone is different but with this kernel 1.5+ I'd say
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