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  • Tweaked Power HALs: here (flash in CWM)
  • 1.5Ghz version: if you want to OC to 1.5Ghz.
  • Nofreq version: it will not manipulate your max frequency at all.
  • Stock version: if you want to stay at 1.3Ghz max.


  • Unnecessary kernel components removed to make kernel lean and fast!
  • OC'ed to 1.5Ghz. At boot cpu slots are limited between 204mhz and 1.3Ghz for stability. Use your favorite app to OC or UC.
  • Ramdisk tweaks (sysctl, vm, etc.)
  • init.d support
  • Tons of patches backported from Linux 3.2.
  • SWAP and ZRAM supported. Use built-in script: "zram enable" or "zram disable"
  • ROW and tuned Deadline i/o schedulers
  • Compiled using latest linaro toolchain and optimizations.
  • USB Audio support
  • USB charging high current mode enabled at all times
  • Memory compaction and KSM enabled
  • "lkflash" script to flash latest leanKernel releases. (Open Terminal, su, and then type lkflash).



Jubakaba, milan and gang for buying the nexus 7 and donating it to me

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Thanks so much, Imo
Like I mentioned in the older thread, LK is the first custom N7 kernel I've used that hasn't given me any SOD issues. Sure, the alpha only came out 4 or 5 days ago, but that's still longer than I've been able to run other N7 kernels before sleep of death. Can't wait to see how far you take this, just like you've done for my GNex

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