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Cruiserdude said:
One thing to be aware of though is that while imoseyon's kernel and imnuts' rom's can both convert you to ext4, and both of those roms support it if you're already ext4, this version of CWM is still not perfect. The problem has not been nailed down yet, but occasionally CWM will revert one or more partitions to rfs, and wipe your data. If this happens on the first boot after wiping and flashing a new rom, you won't likely notice it, since you wiped your data anyway. What you need to do is use Terminal Emulator and type "mount" and check the first few lines to make sure that /system, /data, /cache, and /dbdata are all ext4. If one or more has reverted to rfs, the system isn't likely to perform well, and probably explains your issues.
This currently only seems to be happening on imnut's kernel. imoseyon's hasn't had the problem in a few versions. Also, imnut's kernel only will not convert you to ext4, nor will it convert you back, as it isn't a full implementation of Voodoo, so you can only get the conversion to ext4 if you flash his full ROM.
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