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This is for kernel devs only. The patch is useless to those who do not/can not compile their own kernel.

I put together this patch for you guys at the request of a few different members here in the nexus forum. This allows one to force AC charging for any charger that is detected as USB (i.e. car chargers, inductive chargers through the pogo pins). This also works for MHL, HOWEVER you will most likely still be limited by the MHL adapter itself. With modification to the MHL adapter (splice in an additional charger) plus this mod, bunklung was able to charge at ~600-700 mA while mirroring and streaming.

To toggle the fast charge you must download IncrediControl v1.5 beta3 ( under Latest Downloads). Under the general tab, click on force fast charge, then apply. After you have done that, place your phone on the charger. You will see it is now detected as AC and if and only if the charger can put out more current than it was previously being limited to (more than 500mA) you will be able to use the additional current.

Good luck have fun.


NOTE: You may get a freeze/FC in IncrediControl once in while when toggling the charge. This is being worked on. I figured everyone could deal with a FC here or there to get this out earlier.
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