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Mod Type:: Kernel

Difficulty:: Easy

Mod Base:: AOSP

Mod Status:: Stable

Apply In:: CWM Recovery

Optional:: Insecure Boot

Requires Root:: Yes

Optional:: Overclocked


Bricked-Kernel One X (endeavoru) - AOSP

The first 100% stable kernel for the HTC One X (endeavoru)
(thx HTC for the screwed source btw, fixed it ^^)
Replaced NVIDIA's strange hotplug manager with my own: tegra_mpdecision


Based upon HTC source (2.17)
Fixed all stability issues from the HTC source
Fixed all section mismatches
Various other fixes
tegra_mpdecision, which completely replaces nvidias hotplug manager (better battery life + performance)
extensive sysfs interface for mpdecision with all the tuneables you want
modified ondemand governor for tegra3 & mpdecision (this is the only recommended governor atm)
fixed sound playback while screen is off
fixed bluetooth toggle with gps active
GPU OC (484Mhz)
Variant free CPU OC for all phones (51 - 1600Mhz)
added support
Compiled with gcc4.7
fixed max cpufreq resets throughout the kernel
all cores now use the max freq (before: only in singlecore, otherwise -100Mhz)
Undervolting (faux123)
Check the changelog for the rest :)
Changelog @ bricked.de
What is sweep2wake?

How to install?

Flash through recovery. But:
Since the htcdev unlock prevents us from flashing the boot partition from recovery, the installer will ONLY INSTALL THE MODULES & disable the HTC screenshot! (needed as a fixup for sweep2wake, use the AOSP screenshot pwr+vol.down instead)
_YOU_ will need to flash the boot.img within the zip (folder: kernel) yourself! (extract it to your desktop so you can use the commands given to you here)
I can't stress enough how important this is. _YOU_ will need to flash it.

How to do that (full guide, if you use the reboot option given to you by the installer you will only need steps 1 & 4-7)
1. Install HTC drivers (how to do that is explained a hundred times all over the web)
2. Reboot
3. in the boot animation, connect your phone to your computer and do:
adb reboot-bootloader
4. You should now see "FASTBOOT USB", if that is the case:
fastboot flash boot %USERPROFILE%\Desktop\boot.img
5. fastboot reboot
6. check with: adb shell uname -a if it says bricked.
7. enjoy

ofc these steps can also be done before the installer is executed from recovery. Just be sure to complete both.
Where to complain about errors/bugs?

Please use the Issuetracker for bugs/errors/feature wishes!
Issuetracker @

[email protected]
IRC Chat: Freenode IRC #bricked

No Guarantees! If it kills your grandmother or your device, I am NOT responsible! If you understand this:
(If you download, please hit Thanks below my post! Thank you!)

*stables* [STABLE] Click me
*betas* [Possibly unstable, for testing only.] Click me



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Knowledge base:
(under construction)

tegra_mpdecision manual:
coming soon(tm)

Why only clock with 1.4 Ghz max?
That's not a fix, just a point of opinion. I provide stock or close-to-stock kernel settings in regards to UV/Clocks. Usually I don't take HTC's 'stock' but the manufacturer of the component. In this case the soc, so NVIDIA.
Our stock-phone is clocked with 1.5Ghz single core and 1.4Ghz multicore (as soon as the 2nd core comes up). Usually, whatever you do, you will instantly trigger the second core to come up, if even only for a short time. This would effectively limit the cpu clock speed to 1.4Ghz for that time.
Since I overwrote the clock reduce, our phone will clock with the set max at all times. Which, in this case, is overclocking.
So I just reduced the clock back to it's "stock" setting and please trust me that you won't notice the difference to stock in Benchmarks, UI performance, or anywhere else. Not only because it is only 100Mhz on ONE CORE, but also because that core seldom runs alone and therefore can only use the 1.5Ghz for a very short time.

You are ofc free to clock it back to 1.5Ghz again. Please note that this counts as overclocking and the same rules as undervolting apply to it.
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