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Note : This kernels is only compatible with CM7 / Currently MIUI roms are untested!!

This Kernel is on CM7 Vibrant MTD & Must be currently running CM7 before flashing in Recovery!
======= CHANGE LOG =======
-- Feature ( Stock CM Kernel 2.635.14 with the Following Mods )
~~11/04/2011 Update 1
~ Updated GPS File's
~ GPS Should work on both CM7 & MIUI / AOSP Rom's
~ No Voodoo will be added, Trying to keep close to stock & Clean to limit issue's at the moment.
~ Final Kernel Build, Pass off the Vibrant to the Wife & will be working on the Nexus S after this, unless a major issue is found by my wife..

~ WiFi AP fixed.
~ 1Ghz to 100MHz has a -25mv drop.. Be careful when Under Volting
~ Don't use Screen Off Profiles to Avoid SOD

~ Wifi Fixed
~ BT Issue Fixed... Sorry about that Folks, updated to new rf-kill without testing it first.
~ Updated to Ezekeel latest Lazy cpu Gov.
~ Updated Sound File's
~ Up the Voltage on 1.2 / 1.3 GHz for those having issue's with OC
~ Getting Terrific GPS, Locks Fast, but still a Vibrant GPS
~~ As always, my Github was Updated for Posting Kernel.

~ Updated bcm4329 as suggested per Teamhacksung
~ GPS failure to restart should be Fixed, results may vary per user
~ GPS Hanging System from Entering Idle / Deep Idle should be Fixed, results may vary per user
~ Reports of GPS working, but not getting a lock on Device that GPS never work on are reported.
~ Added in Morpic's idea of the voltage.h mod for easy edits
~ up the 100MHz +25mv
~ random stuff changed in kernel source
~ Don't Use Screen Off profile with this Kernel.. it will Cause Screen of Death!!!!

~ Out of Testing Stage & now Stable
~ Video Gamma Fixed ( Screen looks Awesome Now
~ Auto Brightness Fully Fixed
~ Sleep issue's Fixed. however real-time use may very per user!
~ Manual Brightness - Dim / Medium / High Settings fully work.
~ Dropped OS Memory to 342MB for those that use FFC / Other mods to force it to work
~ Correct the GPIO Sleep Table
~ Fully Functional Deep Idle working now
~ Complete Edit of cpuidle.c / didle.s
~ GPS no longer hangs Android System in a Wake mode in preliminary testing ( Based on my Phone )
~ Dropped Voltage a bit more on 100MHz freq.
~ Updated drive/misc
~ Bunch of misc changes that are all kernel related that I can't remember now.

~ Fixed Broken Wifi / Modules Updated
~ Few minor edits to Deep Idle
~ Bumped up the FPS to 65
~ CM7 GPS should work fine. MIUI might need another GPS fix applied!
~ Mach-aries.c edit to call on the correct .ufcon settings for Vibrant // -> RX trigger leve : 8byte.
~ Fixed a few more Power Management issues as well..

~ Options for No BLN or With BLN due to request
~ Added in Deep Idle ( DIDLE ) Config
~ Suspend.c Edit
~ BT Edits for Deep Idle
~ other GPS Fixes needs tested on both CM7 & MIUI ( SVNET effecting how GPS works )
~ Auto-Brightness Fixed & Should save Battery now ( Not to Dim inside & still works perfect outside )
~ Max Brightness Dropped from 255 to 240... Can't tell outside & Saves Battery!
~ Edits to SVNET ( Modem Control / Hoping this will fix a few issue as well)

~ Auto Brightness now Works nicely ( Backlight is a bit low and need adjusted maybe.. Fine in the light )
~ Forgot to add-in a few Power Management edits to the new Video Drivers
~ BLN is Disabled to test to see if this is the cause of the wake lock issue ( We have have enough battery issue without adding more )
~ Reverted to the old earlysuspend.c & suspend.c

~ Updated Radio Drivers
~ Updated to Unreleased Gingerbread Video Drivers ( Hoping this fixes the Video Power management issues
~ Battery charging issue's should be fix ( need testers to be sure )
~ Edits to CPUIDLE.c
~ Edits to Earlysuspend & Suspend
~ misc edits to most of kernel source.

~ More Power management issue's Fixed
~ Added in all the File's for a Bug Free GPS Lock ( Locks fast, but still a Vibrant GPS
~ Added in SmartassV2 / Lazy & MINMAX CPU Governors
~ Streamline Kernel Edition

~ Power Management / Sleep / Suspend Fixes ( To many Fixes to Post regarding this )
~ CPU Governors is set to Conservative by default with these to choose from / smartass / batt-saver / interactive / along with edits to the other Governors
~ OS Memory increased to 345MB without breaking anything Camera related ( HD Recording works perfect )
~ Few Voltage drops / every device should handle these fine.
~ Battery Scaling & Charging mods
~ A New Kiss my Ass Logo at Start up ( Just for the Haters )

Posting Battery Results:
- How Many hours
- Heavy user? Light User?
- Launcher? ( Yes Launcher, some have bugs in them )

Special Thanks:
- Ezekeel - For Kernel Mods
- Neldar - For Backlight Notifications
- Supercurio - for awesome work on Voodoo
- xcaliburinhand - for wonderful work.
- Everybody at CM dev community for their hard work!

Download Update 1 BLN ( LED Only ) Support:~~11/04/2011:

Download Update 1 No BLN Support:~~11/04/2011:

Download BLN Support:~~11/04/2011:

Download No BLN Support:~~11/04/2011:

Download BLN Support:~~11/03/2011:

Download No BLN Support:~~11/03/2011:

Download BLN Support:~~11/02/2011:

Download No BLN Support:~~11/02/2011:

Download BLN Support:~~10/29/2011:

Download No BLN Support:~~10/29/2011:

Download BLN Support:~~10/27/2011:

Download No BLN Support:~~10/27/2011:

Download BLN Support:~~10/26/2011:

Download no BLN Support:~~10/26/2011:





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This will work on omfgb latest no? Also Eugene, wtf? Glad to see you back! I thought you left the vibrant scene. Will test on omfgb now :-/


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First, love what you do keep up the work.

Second, is this for stable or can it be used with the nightlies? Been running nightlies quite a bit lately but if needed could stick with the last stable and give this a run. I have one of those 10% perfect devices and want to see if I can push it hard enough where it pushes back out of anger. Willing to try something at least once, twice to make sure I don't like it lol.

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bearsfan85 said:
you can use it with the nightlies no problem
Thanks. Wasn't sure.

This kernel is like warm melted butter rubbed all over you on a cold night... Thanks for this. Since my first flash, Gps never really worked but now it does (I have one of those 10% of Vibrants that actually worked right). The battery is charging right and lasting me a full day (16 hours) as a heavy user. Was running Glitch v12 beta 3 waiting for v13 but think this will suit me just fine. Using your updated w/bln support and haven't found an issue yet! Thanks to you and all who contributed!!! Couldn't be happier now c(=

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GPS still not working for me I am on nightly 166 after 5 min or so I get 2 sats in view and no locks
I'm using it on OMFGB and it took me some time to get the GPS working but it seems to be pretty good now. I had to use a combination of AngryGPS, GPS Aids and the CM7/MIUI GPS fix 1.5. I think the sequence was use AngryGPS to delete the GPS data, set to Cold Start, use CWM to Recovery, flash the GPS fix, power down reboot, use GPS Aids to DL the aiding data, power down reboot again (Quick reboot didn't seem to work), start AngryGPS and do a TTF test and wait until it locks. Exit/restart AGPS and run the TTF test should be much quicker. In AGPS change it back to HotStart. Run the test again and it should lock up pretty quick again. I then used GPS Aids GPS Status to check accuracy. I was as good as 13 feet outdoor with 8 out of 10-11 birds, and about 20-22 feet indoor I where I usually couldn't get a lock. I'm not sure that was the sequence but I played with it awhile using those tools.

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Eugene, is this the same kernel that is slated for nightlie #169? I ask because I had seen that .14 was set to be included by the build bot but didn't know if this had a extra twist to it.

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Is anyone having trouble with wifi with the latest build from 11-3? I had to go back to the previous build since wifi kept giving an error and would not connect.

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Hi Eugene,

Thanks for the quick turnaround. Just updated to latest build and wifi seems to be working fine now.

Good luck with the Nexus S.
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